Dozer Simulator

Teach precision techniques for both heavy excavation and fine grading in an immersive, risk-free environment.

Dozer Simulator Training Pack


The Dozer Simulator Training Pack is a powerful training tool for both novice and experienced operators. It’s the only solution on the market that makes it possible to train for complex dozer leveling and grading techniques, thanks to its innovative soil and machine simulation.

Trainees can perform both heavy excavation and fine grading with the 6-way blade, and manage their work zone by controlling dump truck positioning. This encourages the development of operator accuracy and efficiency, in an immersive, risk-free environment.

Dozer Simulator Training Pack

Training pack features

CM Labs is the only simulator on the market that accurately replicates machine stability—providing real-world training opportunities to help reduce the risk of accidents and improve operator efficiency.

Dozer simulator training pack - Production Dozing

Advanced Leveling Techniques

Advanced leveling techniques are essential for faster and more efficient dozer operations. The Dozer Simulator offers a precise leveling exercise with Trimble® Earthworks Grade Control Platform.

The material spreading exercise focuses on complex skills such as access road creation, and how to operate in a complex work environment where they must focus on dump truck positioning as well as materials management. 

Precision Dozing

The Training Pack provides trainees with the unique tactile sensation of pushing soil and aggregate materials, promoting precision operating techniques as a result. The fully functional 6-way blade allows operators to perform fine grading – skills that transfer directly to the real equipment.

Dozer simulator training pack - Back facing within cones and lines - With operator beside

The Dozer Training Pack features progressive learning exercises—from beginner to advanced—designed to progressively teach skills and build confidence:

Track Operators Performance

The Simulator Training Pack gives trainers objective insight into trainee performance and abilities. Instructors can access key performance metrics in real time, such as:

Dozer simulator training pack - Back side beauty shot at night time with lights on

Simulated equipment specs:

Machine weight: 22 t (24 USt)
Engine: 152 kW (204 HP)
Hydrostatic transmission
6-way blade
Blade capacity: 4.3 m3
Oscillating tracks
Halogen working lights

Compatible Hardware:

Vortex Edge Plus
Vortex Edge Max
Vortex Advantage

Required Controls:
Standard joystick controls & Pedals

Dozer joysticks (For Vortex Advantage only)

Dozer Simulator Training Pack beauty shot

Smart Training Technology Features

The Dozer Simulator Training Pack incorporates Smart Training Technology™. That’s why it delivers the most transferable operator skills anywhere, outside of the real equipment. This gives trainees an exceptional opportunity to truly learn by feel. The detailed simulation includes:


Tools and Support

Instructor Operating Station - Trainer and Trainee

Instructor Station

Monitor, assess, and challenge trainees from the instructor seat, with CM Labs’ Instructor Station.
SImGuide Service-CM-Labs-

SimGuide Service

Simplify integration of your simulator, with guidane for set up, start-up, and beyond.
Signaler station

Signal Person Station

Train as a team with the world’s only simulation-based signal person training solution.
Mobile Training Center - Trailer Cutout

Mobile Training Center

Training and assessment anywhere with CM Labs’ Mobile Training Center.

Equipment training packs

Our training packs feature self-guiding, progressive learning programs, and best-of-class simulation, from cranes to excavators. With operator metrics captured at every step, they provide the most comprehensive simulator training available on the market.