Do More with CM Labs Simulation Training Add-On Modules

Bridge the skills gap quickly & safely: Use add-on modules to teach your operators to operate versatile machinery.

Building Blocks to Boost Operator Know-How

From novice apprentices to master journeymen, operators must sharpen their skills, maintain safety protocols, prepare for certification exams, and upskill as they progress in their careers.

Intellia’s add-on modules are the fastest and safest way to minimize downtime while improving expertise.

Each module has been designed to ensure operator training is as authentic an experience as possible, providing opportunities to train for risky scenarios in a safe virtual training environment.

Elevate your training program—whether expanding your training capacities, quickly growing your team of skilled operators, or optimizing team task assignments, CM Labs offers the most complete training on the market.

Add-On Modules to Push Your Capabilities

These optional modules are cost-effective solutions for operator team training, cross-skilling, and assessing new equipment. The metrics, tracking, and reporting features included in all Intellia Training Packs are also included in all add-on modules.*

Team Training

Collaborative training can be difficult and dangerous to reproduce with real equipment. By developing communication skills between operators and other personnel on the worksite, these training modules help graduate operators who are better prepared for real-world assignments.

Crew Training: Truck Loading

The crew training exercise for earthmoving enables an excavator operator to learn how to safely and efficiently fill an articulated dump truck, while another trainee simultaneously learns how to operate the truck, interact with the excavator, and drive on various types of terrain.

The simulation reproduces critical machine reactions, such as the motion of the dump truck when dirt hits the trailer. These features allow operators to provide more accurate feedback and develop positive communication habits that transfer to work on real equipment.

Available for: Tracked Excavator and Articulated Dump Truck

Dual Lift

This training module teaches the lead crane operator to safely and efficiently maneuver a steel pipe load in tandem with a secondary crane, operated from another simulator connected to the network.

Based on engineering-grade authentic machine behaviors, training realistically simulates overturning risks, cable collisions, the pendulum effect, and more. Operators learn to work together while considering the crane’s capacity.

Available for: Crawler Crane and Rough-Terrain Crane

Signalperson Training

You work as a team, so why not include a signalperson in your team training?

Collaborative learning builds effective teams. From job planning to after-action review, the signalperson training module allows novice operators to train together to develop effective teamwork and communication skills. While one trainee operates the training pack equipment on a simulator, another uses the training module to work cooperatively within the virtual jobsite, providing signals and guiding the operation through to successful completion via a webcam and picture-in-picture display. The Signalperson Add-On Module works either with one or two simulators simultaneously.

Machine Control with Trimble® Earthworks Grade Control

Equipment operator training on new productivity tools lays the foundation for safer, more efficient operations. The integration of Trimble Earthworks software and tablet with CM Labs’ earthmoving training packs, gives operators first-hand practical training on the latest innovations.

Available for: Tracked Excavator, Dozer, and Motor Grader.**


The live attachment change exercise (with quick coupler) for the Intellia Tracked Excavator Training Pack rounds out training on the safe use of attachments—ensuring operators can work independently with real equipment. Additional add-on modules provide other attachment-specific exercises and training.

Grapple Attachment

The Grapple Sorting Add-On Module helps trainees learn the basic control functions of the grapple attachment. Trainees can also learn to sort and manipulate a mixed pile of wood, concrete, and metal into various dumpsters.

Available for: Tracked Excavator

Tiltrotator Attachment

The Tiltrotator Swale Add-On Module teaches precision grading techniques. Trainees practice making a V-ditch by using the tiltrotator bucket, dipper stick, and boom controls to remove thin layers of material. On-screen displays show the quality of the trench while the trainee works.

Available for: Tracked Excavator

*Add-On Modules are specific to their corresponding training pack. Module exercises are non-transferrable to other exercises within the training pack.

**Requires additional hardware, peripherals, or components.

Training Simulator Hardware

Once you have chosen your heavy equipment training packs, it’s time to select the hardware that would allow you to reach your objectives.

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