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Reducing Jobsite Incidents + Pushing Training Boundaries

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Ensure Jobsite safety

Last year, excavator trenching fatalities rose in the US by more than 85%*. A worrisome trend, but this doesn’t have to be a dangerous task. The key to safer jobsites is operational competency: situational awareness, critical thinking, technical expertise, and proper jobsite planning, regardless if the operators are novice or seasoned. Advanced training is the answer to bring your team to a high level of operational competency excellence.

Teaching operators to be safer and more efficient, while addressing special training challenges

Watch this 45-minute webinar, with a 20-year veteran instructor, Gary James, and Alan Limoges, CM Labs construction expert.

What you'll Learn:

  • Teach advanced skills for better jobsite safety and planning. Get play-by-play steps and pro-tips for next-level excavator expertise.
  • Get a ring-side seat to our latest excavator releases. Tiltrotator and Grapple Add-On Modules, to cross-skill and expand operator capabilities.
  • Prepare your team for your jobsite using our Sandbox Module. For special cases not typically present in training programs, we show how to adapt our Sandbox Module to suit your needs.

We push beyond the boundaries of training because of the quality of the simulation and analytics captured. CM Labs solutions are the only simulators on the market that accurately replicates machine behavior and soil simulation—providing real-world training opportunities to help reduce the risk of accidents and improve operator efficiency.

*Gerrard, N. (2023, April 19). How can the US reduce its high level of trench and excavation deaths?

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