OEM Partnership Program

CM Labs combines robust simulation technology with decades of integration experience to provide OEMs with a simulation partnership that is scalable to their needs.

OEM Simulation Solutions

With a reputation for delivering leading-edge technology, CM Labs is the go-to partner for OEMs looking to leverage the power of simulation—with successful deployments of heavy equipment, cranes, mobile robotics, defense vehicles, and subsea robotics.

From developing engineering models to delivering complete branded-simulator programs, our team is ready to help you face your challenges, both today and into the future.

The CM Labs Advantage

When you partner with CM Labs OEM Simulation Solutions, you are gaining the expertise and efficiency required to meet your simulation needs. Leveraging the Vortex® Studio simulation platform, our OEM team is capable of identifying flexible solutions that can add value across your entire enterprise.

Our unique expertise combines extensive technical, training, business, and marketing knowledge to provide a highly accomplished team capable of managing any simulation-based project.






The three cornerstones of our partnership program:

Core OEM business cornerstones
Custom - Robust Technology

Robust Technology

All of our solutions are powered by Vortex Studio, our acclaimed physics-based real-time simulation platform that demonstrates both a hyper-accurate level of machine behaviour and unparalleled physical realism and visual immersion.

Extensive Experience Icon

Extensive Experience

With over 20 years of simulation experience and thousands of customers using CM Labs simulators for operator training, we are established as the leading provider of simulation for construction and port equipment training.

Global Presence Icon

Global Reach

In conjunction with a global network of affiliated simulation-experts, CM Labs is able to provide localized sales, support, and integration services for product development and on-going maintenance.

CM Labs: The Partnership You Want

Whether driven by the needs of a single department or a full corporate mandate, OEMs who partner with CM Labs have magnified their ROI with simulation-enabled solutions.

Discover why leading companies turn to CM Labs to achieve their unique objectives:


Engineering Solutions

By incorporating more data to the design process earlier, engineers can better predict real-world performance, thereby reducing development risk, the number of design iterations, and cost overruns.

  • Build vehicle models testable in a virtual worksite.
  • Bring users into the development process with a custom Vortex Studio-powered driver-in-the-loop test-rig.
  • Visualize your design with on-screen or VR-based demos for engineers, stakeholders, investors, and potential clients.
OEM Partnership program - Training Objective

Training Solutions

CM Labs’ Smart Training Technology—training fueled by high-realism physics—delivers the most transferable operator skills anywhere outside the real equipment.

  • Enhance value of purchases of equipment with company-branded training simulators.
  • Develop brand-loyalty with new operators at colleges and training-centres—long before they use the actual equipment.
  • Work with our OEM Solutions experts to develop new lines of business, like training offerings or branded-simulator sales.
OEM Partnership program for Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing Solutions

The in-seat experience is powerful, impressing customers and driving buying decisions. Realizing this with an OEM-branded, simulator-based test-drive brings your equipment directly to the customer.

  • Deploy brand-specific simulators to showrooms and tradeshows for virtual on-product experiences—with real control systems.
  • Add new features and explore upgrade paths without needing to change seats.
  • Showcase product roadmap with future-looking demonstrations that go beyond mock-ups and replicas.

Your Key to Product Innovation

Improve ROI icon

Improve your ROI

Projects and products built on our robust simulation platform are not only able to improve your business through enhanced engineering processes & improved customer experience, and provide the basis for whole new lines of business.

Scale your offering icon

Scale your offering

Work with our team to develop solutions and services that are immediately deployable to your current customer base, and build programs that can expand alongside the growth of your organization.

Control projects risks

Control project risks

Our successful track record of delivering validated simulations and ready-to-deploy hardware is unsurpassed in the field. Our team is recognized for their ability to meet and surpass client requests.

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