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Conventional design/build/test approaches are hard-pressed to support today’s accelerated product development processes. To meet escalating product, delivery, and budget goals, you need to rethink the design engineering process.

Leveraging simulation in the initial upstream product development stages shortens development cycles while ensuring that products meet both market expectations and internal requirements.

With the Vortex Studio simulation platform, manufacturers have an additional edge. Vortex Studio is the only software on the market that provides the complete package of high-fidelity real-time physics, native support for controls and hardware integration, and user-friendly tools for the creation of rich virtual environments.

Along with real-time simulation of multibody dynamics, engineers can model individual components, including cable systems, powertrain, ground interaction, steering, suspension and brakes, for more accurate simulated vehicles, with real-time simulation of deformable terrain.

The result: manufacturers can truly evaluate and validate multiple design concepts early in the development process — in the operating environment those designs were built for, and under the rigorous working conditions they’ll be exposed to on the job site.


Additional benefits

  • Evaluate a wider variety of design concepts
  • Capture and integrate machine and operator feedback
  • Customize autonomous equipment for specific environments and applications
  • Test and adjust the performance and interaction of sub-systems
  • Deliver innovative new equipment delivered to market faster and at less cost

Engineering use cases

Manitowoc simulator hardware

Hardware-in-the-loop Testing

Simulation-based hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing provides an effective and affordable alternative to physical prototype testing. Used in the development and testing of complex embedded systems, HIL simulation replicates the interaction between the equipment, the operator, and the environment. This real-time feedback allows engineering updates to be implemented faster and more affordably than with traditional design/build/test methods.

With the industry’s most advanced algorithms and sophisticated solvers, Vortex Studio supports HIL simulation enabling sub-system designs to be evaluated – at a systems operating level. Real-time hardware feedback and operator input shortens development cycles as testing and software updates are performed in parallel. Design changes made digitally are quickly incorporated allowing a wider breadth of scenarios to be tested and evaluated without risk to the costly physical system.

Vortex Studio provides PLC integration, allowing the performance and interaction between sub-system PLCs to be tested and quantifiably understood.

Operator cabin - ergonomics work


Nothing sets your equipment apart like the operator experience. From configuration, to controls layout, visibility, and comfort – everything comes together to deliver the safest and most efficient working environment.

To ensure that engineering and product development are aligned with expectations, leading OEMs are using Vortex Studio to truly understand the difficult-to-predict human factor, and literally put customers in the driver’s seat.

OEM solutions -Automation


While autonomous equipment is contributing to a broad range of industries and applications, use of the technology in some sectors is limited. From construction sites to ports and beyond, today’s work sites are unique, increasingly complex, and pose serious safety concerns. This can make machine learning difficult, extensive, and extremely costly.

Powered by physics-based modeling along with the industry’s most advanced solvers and algorithms, Vortex Studio is making machine learning a reality. The software allows users to simulate and launch learning iterations as it cycles repeatedly through unique conditions and scenarios. The results include continuous outcome performance, faster and more comprehensive calculations, and affordable machine learning – all in one package.

Why CM Labs

With clients on six continents, turnkey development services, and a reputation for innovative, high-fidelity, custom-built simulation-based training solutions for OEMs, we’re passionate about delivering the most realistic simulated equipment experience of your equipment in its natural environment.

Take a closer look and you’ll see why more equipment manufacturers trust CM Labs as their white label training partner.

Operator cabin - ergonomics work
Our Award-winning engineering platform

Vortex Studio

With key features including real-time simulation of multibody dynamics, deformable terrain, and cable systems, Vortex Studio is a leading simulation and visualization platform designed to support the simulation of tactical wheeled and tracked vehicles, as well as logistics and engineering equipment. Built on validated models and 20 years of simulation expertise, Vortex Studio boasts the industry’s highest-fidelity, real-time interactive vehicle simulation.

Vortex Studio empowers users to quickly and accurately create high-fidelity 3D simulations and modify them in real-time. With Vortex Studio, even smaller companies are matching the engineering and simulation capabilities of much larger organizations.


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Get your new products to market faster with Vortex Studio.

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