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Vortex Studio : CM Labs’ Core Technology

Vortex Studio is a platform for creating and deploying real-time, interactive simulations of mechanical systems. Vortex Studio is a key component of all of CM Labs’ industry-leading equipment simulators and it is available for you to design, build and develop your own real-time, interactive simulation products.
Vortex Studio comprises two packages :

  • Vortex Create : visually build real-time mechanical machines and scenarios.
  • Vortex Activate : deploy content created in systems ranging from desktop to many-screen custom simulators.
Discover Vortex Studio

Why use Vortex Studio?

  • Build and deploy real-time, interactive simulations of mechanisms, vehicles, and vessels.
  • Validate design through virtual prototyping.
  • Solve training needs for complex equipment with a high-fidelity experience.
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What Can You do with Vortex Studio?

Create High Fidelity Digital Twins without coding

Imagine creating high-fidelity digital twins in minutes or quickly developing parts of mechanical equipment that require specific real-time simulation capabilities, in particular off road vehicles, cables and earth-moving investigations.

Vortex Studio can help you:

  • Build visually complex, high fidelity and real-time mechanical systems without coding
  • Benefit from physics modules improved over two decades of research and development
  • Leverage integration plugins with major game engines, Unity and Unreal
  • Use simulation deployment tools successfully used in commercial environments
  • Implement virtual models for accelerating automation design
  • Apply vehicle engineering for off-highway vehicles
  • Generate synthetic data for training AI models
  • Execute mission planning and optimization for critical operations
Add Simulated Mechanisms to Unity, Unreal Engine or other platform.

Using Vortex Create, the Vortex Editor tool can produce simulated mechanical systems you can export and integrate into Unity, Unreal Engine, and other engines. These mechanisms and vehicles may be easily connected to game logic, inputs and outputs and can move naturally in the virtual environment.

Build Training Simulators

Using Vortex Activate, simulators can run any Vortex Studio content, including all the simulations available in the Vortex simulator product lines, as well as any custom content created with Vortex Create.

Create Marketing Simulators

Use Vortex Studio to create marketing simulators to bring exposure for your products at trade shows, or to demonstrate product capabilities offsite.

Perform Human in the Loop Testing

Use Vortex Studio to perform human-in-the-loop testing for vehicles, while supporting full off-road simulation capabilities.

Vortex Studio Software

Key Features

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Vortex Create Key Features

Using the tools in the Vortex Create package, you can:

  • Rigid Body
  • Vehicle, Tire and Track Models
  • Cables
  • Earth Moving
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Vortex Activate Key Features

Vortex Create
Vortex create package logo

Vortex Create Key Features

Using the tools in the Vortex Create package, you can:

  • Rigid Body
  • Vehicle, Tire and Track Models
  • Cables
  • Earth Moving
Vortex Activate
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Vortex Activate Key Features

Vortex Studio
Professional Services

CM Labs also offers a full range of professional services related to Vortex Studio.

Vehicle and Equipment Models

CM Labs can build your initial equipment simulation to your specifications. These models will be tested against an automatic verification suite that can also be used to assure consistency against software upgrades and system definition change orders.

Custom Crane and
Earthmoving Simulators

CM Labs can build full simulators to your specifications and for your needs. We have a wide range of hardware platforms that can support your training, product discovery, or human-in-the-loop testing needs.


CM Labs can build marketing simulators for your trade shows or on-site demonstration needs. We have built hundreds of simulators for demonstration purposes at all the large trade shows, like Bauma and Conexpo, and are experts at crafting simulations that will highlight your equipment’s special capabilities.

Maritime and Subsea Simulations

CM Labs also does maritime and subsea simulations and can craft offshore platforms and vessels with cranes, underwater ROV, Tethering Management System, and long marine cables.

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