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Looking to lower your cost of customer acquisition?

Getting your equipment into the hands of potential buyers is critical. But field product demonstrations are costly, logistically challenging, and not always practical. What better, more cost-effective way to showcase your equipment than to allow potential customers to experience its look and feel — in an environment that you can easily bring to them, wherever they are?

CM Labs partners with OEMs to provide the industry’s premier high-fidelity, custom-built, equipment simulators — built to showcase your organization’s brand. Their best-in-class quality advances brand loyalty while providing you and your dealers with a reliable means to demonstrate the full functionality of your equipment.

As the industry’s largest supplier of construction and port simulators combined, CM Labs has devoted decades of R&D to our award-winning solutions. This ensures that they duplicate physical equipment behavior, response, and terrain/load interactions to provide your prospective clients with the most realistic experience in the industry.

Manitowoc Tradeshow

Sales & Marketing Use Cases

Manitowoc simulator hardware

Bring more equipment to events

Tradeshows and events offer a unique opportunity to showcase your equipment. Prospects like the look of new machinery — now let them experience it. With simulators that displays true-to-life behaviour, you can put operators at the controls of your equipment right on the tradeshow floor, the dealer showroom, or the customer site.

OEM Partnership program - Training Objective

Engage Your Audience

Nothing sets your equipment apart like a hands-on test drive; and we literally put your potential customers in the driver’s seat. Our simulators replicate the controls, sights, sounds, and feel specific to your equipment. We deliver the full operator experience and the industry’s most immersive and real-life environment.

Our physics-based simulators provide the most realistic and practical means to market and educate machine operators on the benefits and capabilities of equipped models.

Stand out from the competition

Your brand is unique, and no one captures the experience of your equipment like CM Labs. We work with OEMs, instructors, and end-users throughout a variety of industries to develop simulators encompassing the industry’s widest range of equipment types, brands, and applications.

When we design our simulators, we focus on collecting and understanding your requirements. The result is a user experience that mirrors the look, feel, and response of your brand like no other.

Test the impact of new features

In today’s competitive landscape, equipment manufacturers are looking for an edge. And customers know what they want when they see it. Considering changes to the cab interior or controls? Simulators allow design enhancements and iterations to happen quickly and affordable. Now new features can be added, tested, modified, and marketed, all without constructing costly physical prototypes.

Why CM Labs

With clients on six continents, turnkey development services, and a reputation for innovative, high-fidelity, custom-built simulation-based training solutions for OEMs, we’re passionate about delivering the most realistic simulated equipment experience of your equipment in its natural environment.

Take a closer look and you’ll see why more equipment manufacturers trust CM Labs as their white label training partner.

Operator cabin - ergonomics work
Our Award-winning engineering platform

Vortex Studio

With key features including real-time simulation of multibody dynamics, deformable terrain, and cable systems, Vortex Studio is a leading simulation and visualization platform designed to support the simulation of tactical wheeled and tracked vehicles, as well as logistics and engineering equipment. Built on validated models and 20 years of simulation expertise, Vortex Studio boasts the industry’s highest-fidelity, real-time interactive vehicle simulation.

Vortex Studio empowers users to quickly and accurately create high-fidelity 3D simulations and modify them in real-time. With Vortex Studio, even smaller companies are matching the engineering and simulation capabilities of much larger organizations.


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Drive equipment sales & marketing with the industry’s leading simulators

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