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Safer, more efficient work sites. Objective operator assessment. Training anywhere, anytime. Vortex simulators.

Vortex training simulators

Vortex simulators are ideal for organisations looking for a way to objectively assess operators and keep skills sharp. Scalable to every training need and budget, Vortex simulators provide the most thorough and realistic simulation-based training and assessment available today.

Why Train With Vortex Construction Simulators

Build Safer Operators

Prepare them for the unexpected: Students can practice challenging real-world operations, in complete safety.

Teach Real Efficiencies

Vortex simulators objectively log and record key metrics, so you can teach productive, economic machine use.

Train Anywhere, Anytime

No need to tie up production equipment: Vortex simulators are an always available, always-on resource, no matter what the weather.

Reduce Wear and Tear

Novices can be hard on equipment. Get them up to speed on a Vortex simulator before they get on the real machine.

Assess Operators Objectively

Measure trainee performance against your objective benchmarks and criteria, during and after training exercises.

Keep Skills Sharp

Experienced operators can sharpen skills ahead of a job or before getting on unfamiliar equipment.

Training Solutions

Crane and Lifting Equipment Training Packs

Our crane simulator training packs help you build safe, efficient operators, thanks to life-like equipment and work site simulation. Expose trainees to challenges it would be difficult to replicate in real life — and let them experience the consequences in complete safety.

Training Solutions

Earthmoving Equipment Training Packs

Our earthmoving equipment simulator training packs are powered by decades of innovation and research into dirt simulation, so trainees learn proper digging, loading, and dumping techniques that transfer to the work site. With self-paced learning exercises, trainees can work independently to develop safe, efficient work habits.

Best-in-Class Training for Work
Site Efficiences

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Tools & Support

Intellia Station on Tablet

Intellia Instructor

Monitor, assess, and challenge trainees from the instructor seat, with CM Labs’ Instructor Station.

SimGuide Service - CM Labs

SimGuide Service

Simplify integration of your simulator, with guidance for set up, start-up, and beyond.

Signaler station with team practicing mobile or rough terrain crane exercise

Signal Person Station

Train as a team with the world’s only simulation-based signal person training solution.

Mobile Training Center - Trailer Cutout

Mobile Training Center

Training and assessment anywhere with CM Labs’ Mobile Training Center.

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