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Training For the Worksite of Tomorrow

Learn How to Use Simulation Training Analytics to Future-Proof Your Business

Operator training must keep up with forces and trends in the construction industry: recruitment and assessment, safety, optimizing cycle times, and teaching new technologies. Using simulation for operator training and assessment is becoming a key tool in worker safety, but also has shown to have benefits across many company cost centers.

“Data will reveal its value.”

This 45-minute webinar is a deep dive into training simulation, our Smart Training Technology™ and the training analytics it provides, to illustrate how the ROI can be far-reaching for your business.

More Than Just a Training Tool

CM Labs’ simulation operator training has proven to be much more than just a training tool–the analytics can show cost savings, productivity increases, and trainer effectiveness. During this webinar, we will demonstrate how you can leverage this information to maximize many more aspects of your operations, addressing today’s issues and preparing your business for the future.

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Tune into our webinar that will explain how using simulation training analytics can help you develop and staff the worksite of tomorrow.

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