Tower Crane Simulator

Progressive learning for safe lifting operations, crawler crane productivity, and real crane operator skills.

Tower Crane Simulator Training Pack


With the flat-top Tower Crane Simulator Training Pack, operators learn the fundamentals of standard top-slewing tower crane work, including load charts, blind lifts, and 2-part/4-part-of-line operation. They’ll also learn the fundamentals of safety systems including anti-2-block, lower limit switch, and trolley limit switch.

Flat-top tower crane simulator training pack - Pacing Ramp exercise
Tower Crane Simulator Training Pack

Training pack features

CM Labs is the only simulator on the market that accurately replicates machine stability—providing real-world training opportunities to help reduce the risk of accidents and improve operator efficiency.

Tower Crane Lift Plan

Lift planning

It’s often said that 50% of every lift is in the planning. That’s why each exercise in the Flat-top Tower Crane Simulator Training Pack features a basic lift plan that allow trainees to learn how to thoroughly prepare before ever setting foot on the virtual work site.

  • Easy-to-use interface lets you tailor scoring system according to your priorities
  • Generate trainee reports that identify the different indicators making up the final score
  • You can document trainee progress objectively and effectively
Flat-top tower crane simulator training pack - Installing Panels exercise

Progressive learning program

The Tower Crane Simulator exercises are designed to gradually build operator skill and confidence:

Operator performance

The Training Pack makes it easy for you to benchmark operator skills, with a scoring system that rolls performance metrics up into a single score.

Simulated equipment specs:

Maximum capacity: 12 t (13.2 USt)

Max. jib length: 50 m (164 ft)
Tower height: 43.7 m to 70.4 m (143 ft to 231 ft)
Capacity at max. radius: 3.6 t (3.97 USt)
Part-of-line: 2 and 4

Compatible Hardware:

Vortex Edge Plus
Vortex Edge Max
Vortex Advantage

Required Controls:  Standard joystick controls & Pedals

Best-in-class simulation

The Flat-top Tower Crane Simulator Training Pack provides the most realistic simulation-based training available. This includes:

  • Crane boom and jib bending/torqueing
  • Stability and overloading risks
  • Cable collisions with worksite obstructions and the crane boom
  • Pendulums, snags, and collisions

Tools and Support

Instructor Operating Station - Trainer and Trainee

Instructor Station

Monitor, assess, and challenge trainees from the instructor seat, with CM Labs’ Instructor Station.
SImGuide Service-CM-Labs-

SimGuide Service

Simplify integration of your simulator, with guidane for set up, start-up, and beyond.
Signaler station

Signal Person Station

Train as a team with the world’s only simulation-based signal person training solution.
Mobile Training Center - Trailer Cutout

Mobile Training Center

Training and assessment anywhere with CM Labs’ Mobile Training Center.

Equipment training packs

Our training packs feature self-guiding, progressive learning programs, and best-of-class simulation, from cranes to excavators. With operator metrics captured at every step, they provide the most comprehensive simulator training available on the market.