Backhoe Simulator

The backhoe simulator provides operators with the coordination and digging techniques they need to master safe, efficient operations.

Backhoe Simulator Training Pack


The Backhoe Simulator Training Pack highlights the versatility of this “jack of all trades,” with exercises designed to teach operators the full potential of the equipment. It’s the only solution on the market that is capable of simulating a backhoe’s backlash and instability.

Thanks to this capability, the Backhoe Simulator Training Pack is ideal for teaching novices critical transferable skills, such as how to leverage backhoe flexibility, and control its center of gravity for maximal efficiency on the job site.

Backhoe Simulator Training Pack

Training pack features

CM Labs is the only simulator on the market that accurately replicates machine stability—providing real-world training opportunities to help reduce the risk of accidents and improve operator efficiency.

Backhoe simulator training - fully deployed backhoe

Unique Backhoe Features

With the Backhoe Simulator Training Pack, trainees learn how to conduct careful, methodical operations, thanks to the simulated looseness in the machine’s linkage, which replicates that of the real backhoe.

The training pack also simulates changes in stability and traction as tires are placed under stress by rapid movements or heavy loads — and the simulated backhoe can even tip as a result of instability. This gives trainees the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, without the risk of damaging equipment or injuring themselves.

Learning Outcomes

The Training Pack features learning exercises ranging from beginner to advanced, designed to progressively teach precision and efficiencies:

Key Reporting Metrics

The Training Pack gives trainers objective insight into student performance metrics such as:

Backhoe simulator training - Cabin point of view

Simulated Equipment Specs:

Engine Power: 83 kW (111 HP)
Operating Weight: 8300 kg (18,298 lbs)
5-speed, PowerShift transmission with clutch cutoff
Mechanical Front Wheel Drive (4WD)
Extendable Dipperstick
Hydraulic Quick Coupler

Compatible Hardware:

Vortex Edge Plus
Vortex Edge Max
Vortex Advantage

Required Controls:
Steering Wheel

Standard joysticks & Pedals (For Vortex Advantage Only)

Backhoe simulator training pack - Smart Training technology

Smart Training Technology Features

The Training Pack incorporates Smart Training Technology™. That’s why it delivers the most transferable operator skills anywhere, outside of the real equipment. The detailed simulation includes:

  • Simulated backlash
  • Hydraulics system
  • Fully simulated transmission
  • Bucket forces, digging, trenching, and loading
  • Award winning earthmoving simulation

Tools and Support

Instructor Operating Station - Trainer and Trainee

Instructor Station

Monitor, assess, and challenge trainees from the instructor seat, with CM Labs’ Instructor Station.
SImGuide Service-CM-Labs-

SimGuide Service

Simplify integration of your simulator, with guidane for set up, start-up, and beyond.
Signaler station

Signal Person Station

Train as a team with the world’s only simulation-based signal person training solution.
Mobile Training Center - Trailer Cutout

Mobile Training Center

Training and assessment anywhere with CM Labs’ Mobile Training Center.

Equipment training packs

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