Walkaround Inspection

Best-in-class training just got better with walkaround inspection for heavy equipment.

Extend Training Capabilities With Unparalleled Learning Opportunities for Safer Operations

The practice of walkaround inspection is a fundamental component in developing safe, skilled operators. CM Labs’ Walkaround Inspection helps trainees master meticulous inspection and build expertise in equipment maintenance. CM Labs’ unparalleled operator training offers inspections that aren’t just a checklist, but a guided learning and benchmarking tool.

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"Why would you use a simulator to do a walkaround inspection? Efficiency. The first time an inspection is demonstrated to a new trainee you need to monopolize an on-site machine for a lengthy time period as the instructor proceeds with the explanations and demonstrations of the inspection. The simulator can easily do most of that legwork, freeing up that on-site machine you would ordinarily need to do the inspection…"

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By focusing on the ‘why’ behind actions through teachable moments, Walkaround Inspection engages operators in a deeper learning experience that truly cements lessons. Exercises provide a solid overview of what operators will cover during a real walkaround inspection—paving the way for on-the-job effectiveness and safety. This hands-on approach not only enhances understanding but also streamlines the learning process, setting the stage for many other benefits, such as shortened training times, improved training outcomes, and the ability to objectively measure progress.

Walkaround Inspection


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Guided Learning

Beyond a simple checklist, Walkaround Inspection offers tips and educational information provided at inspection points—highlighting what to look for and common issues encountered with real equipment.

Engaged Learning

Mirroring the real world, randomized faults teach operators to identify equipment malfunctions effectively. Coupled with a comprehensive checklist, Walkaround Inspection ensures that operators are well-prepared for their daily inspections.

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Quickly Transition Between Equipment Checks

Transitioning between inspection pre-use checks is designed to be quick and seamless, allowing organizations to minimize downtime and maximize learning.

Reduce Equipment Wear & Tear

While building positive habits for pre-use inspections, reduce the need for physical equipment and offsite training. Save costs with preventative maintenance when operators spot malfunctions early through inspections.

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Walkaround Inspection training serves as a sophisticated learning and benchmarking tool. Objective scoring allows companies to measure technical improvement and incident prevention across their organization.

Autonomous Learning

Trainees can complete lessons independently at their own pace or under the supervision of an instructor.

Available with Intellia Backhoe, Dozer, Tracked Excavator, and Wheel Loader Training Packs.

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