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The only simulation solution that exposes trainees to real forklift hazards and challenges.

Forklift Simulator Training Pack


The Forklift Simulator Training Pack teaches forklift operators the skills they need to work safely and productively on the jobsite and warehouse environment. The simulation accurately simulates machine stability during manuevers and load handling operations.

Following industry best practices, trainees learn basic vehicle handling skills such as working in confined spaces and on ramps. Trainees also learn about load handling, making tight turns, fork spacing, positioning, and rapid breaking, before taking control of the real equipment.

CM Lab’s Forklift Simulator Training Pack is a comprehensive solution that pushes learning beyond minimum requirements with certification preparation and advanced exercises. The result is safer and more competent operators.

Forklift Exit Cabin Operator out Forklift simulator training pack
Forklift Simulator Training Pack

Training pack features

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Competency-Based Training

The safe operation of forklifts requires a solid foundation of knowledge and ability. The Forklift Simulator Training Pack is built around skill-specific exercises which are designed to teach equipment operation, highlight areas for trainee improvement, and present more challenging techniques when the operator is ready.

True-to-Life Simulation

The Forklift Training Pack delivers a true-to-life, stimulating learning experience based on the behavior and mechanics of the real machine, including load limits and the ability to topple when improperly handled. Offering a variety of loads along with instructor-triggered challenges, machine faults, and pedestrian traffic, this training pack offers an environment that accelerates skills development.

Forklift Exit Cabin Operator out Forklift simulator training pack

Training Outcomes

The Training Pack features progressive learning exercises—from beginner to advanced—designed to teach skills and ensure safe operations:

Operator Performance

The Forklift Simulator Training Pack tracks all operating performance metrics during training exercises, and rolls them up into a single score that updates in real-time. You can customize the scoring system to take your most important operating criteria into consideration, such as:

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Simulated equipment specs:

Product name: Forklift
Engine power: 48kW (64hp)
Power: Diesel
Load capacity: 3t (3.3USt)
Lifting height: 4.1m (13.5ft)
Turning radius: 2.28m (7.48ft)
Travel speed: 21.1km/hr (13.1mph)

Compatible Hardware:

Vortex Edge Plus (With Steering Wheel)
Vortex Edge Max (With Steering Wheel)
Vortex Advantage (With Standard joystick controls and Pedals as well as Steering Wheel)

Required Controls: Steering Wheel for most and Standard joystick controls and Pedals as well for the Advantage.

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Smart Training Technology

Comprised of proprietary and patented algorithms, the Smart Training Technology ensures precision engineering of the simulated equipment; delivering the most transferable operator skills anywhere, outside of the real equipment.

The simulated machine behavior helps operators gain a better feel for weight distribution, hydraulics system, powertrain, and mast and forks. By improving lifting capacity and cycle times, operators ultimately reduce production costs.

Tools and Support

Instructor Operating Station - Trainer and Trainee

Instructor Station

Monitor, assess, and challenge trainees from the instructor seat, with CM Labs’ Instructor Station.
SImGuide Service-CM-Labs-

SimGuide Service

Simplify integration of your simulator, with guidane for set up, start-up, and beyond.
Signaler station

Signal Person Station

Train as a team with the world’s only simulation-based signal person training solution.
Mobile Training Center - Trailer Cutout

Mobile Training Center

Training and assessment anywhere with CM Labs’ Mobile Training Center.

Equipment training packs

Our training packs feature self-guiding, progressive learning programs, and best-of-class simulation, from cranes to excavators. With operator metrics captured at every step, they provide the most comprehensive simulator training available on the market.

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