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    Motor Grader Simulator Training Pack

    Provide operators with the skills required to master efficient motor grader operations.

Motor Grader
Training pack overview

CM Labs’ Motor Grader Simulator Training Pack is the most advanced grader simulation available today.

At the heart of the Motor Grader Simulator Training Pack is CM Labs’ world-class simulation of a 44,760 pound grader with 275 variable horsepower, rigorously field tested by experienced operators and instructors from equipment manufacturers and top training schools.

CM Labs’ Motor Grader Simulator Training Pack is a complete learning solution for grader operations. The training pack also incorporates self-guided learning features, including previews of each training exercise, and best-practice hints.

Motor Grader Simulator Training Pack Features

Motor grader simulator

Progressive learning program

Exercises are designed to gradually build precision and confidence:

  • Control familiarisation
  • Loading & unloading from lowboy trailer
  • Stuck in mud
  • Windrow management
  • Material spreading
  • Leveling with obstacles
  • V-ditch operations

Trainee performance management

The Motor Grader Simulator Training Pack provides objective insight into operator performance and abilities. It measures performance metrics such as:

  • Blade efficiency
  • Blade contacts with wheels or obstacles
  • Grade quality
  • Idle time and cycle time
  • Fuel consumption
  • … and more
Motor grader simulator training
Motor Grader Simulator

Best-in-class simulation

At the heart of the Motor Grader Training Pack is CM Labs’ world-class simulation of a 44,760 pound grader with 275 variable horsepower. This includes:

  • 8-speed power shift transmission with stall protection
  • 6-wheel drive
  • On-demand locking differential
  • Blade pull of 39,491 pounds
  • Earthmoving simulation powered by decades of research

Equipment training packs

Our training packs feature self-guiding, progressive learning programs, and best-of-class simulation, from cranes to excavators. With operator metrics captured at every step, they provide the most comprehensive simulator training available on the market.

Make sure they’re ready

Vortex simulators represent the widest range of training solutions available today. With swappable controls, one simulator can train for many equipment types, and flexible display options mean you can start on the desktop, or engage trainees with full immersion.

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Success with Vortex Simulators

All over the world, organisations of all sizes are using Vortex simulators to train safer, more efficient operators.

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