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    Mobile Crane Simulator

    Progressive learning for safe lifting operations, improved mobile crane productivity, and real crane operator skills

Mobile Crane Simulator

The Mobile Crane Simulator Training Pack is a complete training tool. It covers the entire lift process, from lift plans to controls familiarization to complex lifts, such as lifting steel structures, working in buildings, and work around power lines.

The training pack provides in-depth assessment capabilities and progressive learning exercises for both novices and experienced mobile crane operators.

It’s a powerful tool for every stage of the workforce development cycle, from operator assessment and training to cross-skilling.

Mobile crane simulator training pack features

Mobile Crane Simulator - Tandem Lift Simulation

Team-based Training with Tandem Lift Simulation

The Mobile Crane Training Pack’s tandem lift simulation teaches the lead mobile crane operator how to safely and efficiently manoeuver a steel pipe load in tandem with a secondary crane, operated from another simulator connected on the network.

This feature can be deployed in multiple configurations, with operators working on the motion-enabled Vortex Advantage simulator, as well as the portable Vortex Edge Plus.

Collaborative learning can be further extended with CM Labs’ Signal Person Training Station, which allows a trainee to guide the operation – within a challenging virtual job site that includes power lines and job site personnel. This type of team-based training can be expensive and difficult to reproduce in real-life but is safe and easy to set up with Vortex Simulators.

Assess Mobile Crane Operator Readiness

The Mobile Crane Simulator exercises are designed to gradually build skills, and objectively assess operators. Trainers get insight into operators’ performance and abilities after each session, making the Mobile Crane Simulator Training Pack a centerpiece of your workforce development cycle.

In addition, trainers have the ability to fully evaluate operator readiness with a new Mobile Crane Skills Assessment exercise. It covers complex lifting techniques, such as performing a blind lift, recovering from a load pendulum, girder lifts, and more.

Mobile Crane Simulator - Operator Assessment
Mobile Crane Simulator - Operating Metrics

Track Mobile Crane Operator progress

Vortex simulators track all operating metrics during training exercises and roll them up into a single score that updates in real-time. Organisations can customise this scoring system to take their most important criteria into consideration.

This gives instructors a benchmark for objectively assessing operators after every training session, in order to meet training objectives more rapidly.

  • Task completed and time
  • Time spent in pendulums
  • Load or hook collisions
  • Rough load handling
  • Load dragging
  • Time spent in alarm conditions
  • Contact with power lines

Smart Training Technology

The Mobile Crane Simulator Training Pack incorporates Smart Training Technology™. That’s why it delivers the most transferable operator skills anywhere, outside of the real equipment.

Smart Training Technology is comprised of CM Labs’ proprietary and patented algorithms, validated by subject matter experts including the IUOE, OETIO, John Deere, Manitowoc, and other leading organisations.

Built on a high-fidelity real-time physics engine, Smart Training Technology includes a mechanical engineering layer with multi-body constraints, transmission, tire models, cables, and other real-time simulation features that are unique on the market.

Mobile Crane Simulator - Smart Training Technology
Mobile Crane Simulator - High Fidelity Simulation
High-Fidelity Mobile Crane Simulator

Smart Training Technology allows operators to train within a virtual environment that’s based on real data and real machines. This includes:

  • Crane boom and jib bending/torqueing
  • Stability and overloading/overturning risks
  • Cable collisions with worksite obstructions and the crane boom
  • Pendulums, snags, and collisions

Thanks to its realism, the Mobile Crane Simulator allows trainees to operate in a challenging environment where they can explore the capacity and limits of the mobile crane, and safely experience scenarios such as critical lifts that are potentially life-altering in the real world.

Equipment training packs

Our training packs feature self-guiding, progressive learning programs, and best-of-class simulation, from cranes to excavators. With operator metrics captured at every step, they provide the most comprehensive simulator training available on the market.

Make sure they’re ready

Vortex simulators represent the widest range of training solutions available today. With swappable controls, one simulator can train for many equipment types, and flexible display options mean you can start on the desktop, or engage trainees with full immersion.

containerized training simulator - Simulateur sur mesure dans un conteneur

From cabin-integrated simulators and trailer-based solutions to 20 to 40ft ISO shipping containers complete with power, HVAC & classroom, Vortex simulator training adapts to your environment.

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All over the world, organisations of all sizes are using Vortex simulators to train safer, more efficient operators.

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