Dynamic Fault Injection

Revolutionize Operator Safety Training: Introduce Real-World Challenges with Dynamic Fault Injection.

Real-time learning opportunities for heavy equipment operators to respond safely to life’s unexpected hazards

Intellia Instructor’s cutting-edge Fault Injection for Earthmoving equipment is designed to revolutionize how operators prepare for real-world challenges. Ensure operators are prepared for a wide range of incidents—minor distractions, bad weather, and catastrophic failures—that would otherwise be unsafe to train for or recreate on real equipment. Each fault presents a unique teachable moment, enhancing retention, and improving focus. Prepare your apprentice operators in a safe environment, for real-world situations like no other training can.

  • Reduce Hazards with Early Detection
  • Improve Situational Awareness
  • Raise Level of Focus

Instructors can trigger faults anytime during training for a live, unscripted, and unparalleled training experience.

This unique approach not only prepares novice operators for unexpected situations but also significantly improves their safety on the worksite, making it an indispensable tool in the construction industry.

Dynamic Fault Injection


Intellia Instructor - Earthmoving fault injection screenshot

Prepare for Real World Situations

Proactively train operators to respond to unexpected situations, fostering a culture of safety and readiness that translates directly to the field.

Practice High-Risk Scenarios in Safety

Expose operators to high-risk scenarios impossible to replicate in real life, teaching them how to navigate dangers safely and efficiently.

Advantage simulator - Intellia Instructor - Wheeled Excavator - Render

Develop Situational Awareness

Prepare operators to maintain focus—even when faced with distractions, equipment malfunctions, and unexpected hazards.

Intellia Instructor Fault Injection on a Tablet

Improve Equipment Control and Manual Dexterity

Take advantage of simulated authentic machine behaviors that reduce equipment efficiencies, such as a tire losing stiffness with the Flat Tire fault. With Weather faults—like Reduced Visibility—operators learn to follow verbal instructions from their trainers or face serious safety issues while operating equipment.

Enhance Problem-Solving Skills

Strengthen apprentice and novice operator’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills so that they feel confident and prepared to face on-the-job challenges.

Earthmoving Fault Injection joins our existing Crane Fault Injection feature in Intellia Instructor.

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