Mobile Harbour Crane Simulator

A training solution that delivers total operator readiness
for the visual and lifting challenges of mobile harbour crane operations.

Mobile Harbour Crane Simulator Training Pack


CM Labs’ MHC Simulator Training Pack delivers a safe training environment that is available 24/7 and in all weather. It is designed to provide trainees with total preparedness for any potential MHC operating challenge, including complex lift trajectories, compromised views, and unexpected equipment failures.

Progressive training exercises develop operator skills for handling bulk and break bulk (including pipes, coils, bags, rebar, and steel plates) as well as container unloading (20-, 40-, and 45-foot containers).

Mobile Harbour Crane Simulator

Training pack features

CM Labs is the only simulator on the market that accurately replicates machine stability—providing real-world training opportunities to help reduce the risk of accidents and improve operator efficiency.

Mobile Harbour Crane Simulator Training Pack - Beauty Shot


The Mobile Harbor Crane Training Pack incorporates CM Labs’ Smart Training TechnologyTM, resulting in a training tool that ensures skills learned during simulator seat time are transferred directly to the real equipment.

  • Progressive learning program replicating terminal operations
  • Working in and around ship holds
  • Lifting and landing loads including bulk cargo, break bulk, bags, logs, and containers
  • Managing multiple loads

With a focus that goes far beyond basic controls familiarization, the MHC Simulator Training Pack exposes operators to conditions that are challenging or unsafe to replicate outside the simulator, including:

  • Adjustable weather, wind, and waves
  • Night-time operations
  • Compromised view due to glare
  • Twist lock failures
  • Rigging breaks
  • Snags

Training Outcomes

The MHC Simulator Training Pack comes with unique operator assessment tools, including a real-time Load Path Graph and real-time Hook Block Map.

The MHC Simulator Training Pack also tracks all operating performance metrics during training exercises, and rolls them up into a single score that updates in real time.

The MHC crane simulator offers additional customization options to adjust training to fit your needs:

Simulated equipment specs:

Max Working Radius: 51 m
Hoisting Height Above Quay: 47 m
Max Lifting Speed: 120 m/min
Max capacity: 125t

Compatible Hardware:

The RTG Simulator Training Pack can be installed on any Vortex port equipment simulator hardware, with different configurations to meet your budget, space, and training requirements. Designed for years of 24/7 operator training, Vortex simulators are built to last.

Tools and Support

Instructor Operating Station - Trainer and Trainee

Instructor Station

The IOS enables instructors to initiate Vortex Port Equipment Simulator exercise sessions and engage trainees by exposing them to the types of variable conditions they will experience in the real world.

Remote Operating Station for Port Training

Remote Operating Station

Train operators to proficiency ahead of remote crane delivery, with the market’s only Remote Operating Station (ROS) desk simulator that integrates with OEM control systems.

Mobile Training Center - Trailer Cutout

Mobile Training Center

Training and assessment anywhere with CM Labs’ Mobile Training Center.

SImGuide Service-CM-Labs-

SimGuide Service

Simplify integration of your simulator, with guidane for set up, start-up, and beyond.

Port & Container Terminal

Equipment training packs

From ship-to-shore and ship pedestal cranes, to reachstacker and other cargo handling equipment, we offer a wide range of ports and container terminal equipment training simulators that can run on a single hardware platform.

Realistic simulators are an effective tool to evaluate and assess operators for both efficiency and safety. Tracking vital metrics across the entire training scenario, instructors can review statistics after completion, allowing for detailed after-action reviews and reporting.

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