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Vortex Studio Professional Services

Virtual Prototyping

Move faster with Vortex Studio Professional Services

CM Lab’s Professional services team is available to accelerate your development process and provide the fine-tuned simulations you require.

From proof-of-concept to ready-to-integrate simulations, we can provide you with assets that combine Vortex Studio’s physics-based dynamics and external control systems ready for integration into wider synthetic environments.

3D Graphics Modeling

Definition and creation of readily visualizable models by our team of in-house 3D artists.

  • Level 1: Functional Basic visualization of the mechanical behavior. For engineering purposes.
  • Level 2: Representative – For training with equipment that reflects real-life.
  • Level 3: Immersive – For immersive training capturing fine details of the equipment. 

Scene Development: Creation of customized scenarios and environments for testing and training purposes. 


Mechanical Simulation Modeling

Assembly of subsystems, mechanical components and constraints to create an operable simulated mechanism.

  • Level 1: Interactive Any static or moveable object with no internal functionality and does not need to be operated and controlled.
  • Level 2: Operational – Equipment activity contributing to the simulation, Primary system behavior implemented.
  • Level 3: Advanced – Advanced equipment requiring a high level of technical immersion, Selected internal components individually simulated incorporating primary system emerging behavior.

Mechanical Tuning

Optimization of models required to produce valid emergent behavior achieved through performance tuning to engineering data and operator expectations.

  • Level 1: Standard Dimensions or specifications provided and incorporated into model.
  • Level 2: Progressive – Model tuned to match performance or behaviour through engineering data  provided.
  • Level 3: Premium – Interactive tuning of Level 2 model with subject matter expert to achieve specific behaviour or feel.
Vortex Studio Professional Services

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Our team is available to help you integrate Vortex Studio into your processes. 

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