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Fast Training, Safe Futures: ROI-Driven Paths for Next-Gen Operators

Discover How Simulation Training Can Lead To a 40% Boost in Productivity

In today’s dynamic construction landscape, the triple challenge of recruitment, retention, and sustainability is increasingly affecting profitability. A recent survey by AGC stated that 88% of companies are struggling to find qualified workers, with 66% percent of projects impacted by these shortages.

Simulation training for heavy equipment is one method contractors are using to train the workers of tomorrow and retrain and expand the skillsets of their existing workers, while simultaneously slashing training time, driving down equipment and training costs and enabling statistics-based training.

In this 30-minute virtual tech-talk hosted in collaboration with Construction Executive magazine, Samantha DeAlmeida Roman, Associated Builders and Contractors from ABC New Jersey Chapter, Jason Salmon, Heavy Equipment Master Trainer from Gerdau, and Christa Fairchild, Product Marketing Manager at CM-Labs, will discuss the advantage of a risk-free, simulation-based environment where operators can hone their skills, boosting productivity and ensuring safety remains a priority.

Join this webinar to:

  • Learn how to cut training times by more than 70%, reducing rework, and minimizing equipment wear and tear.
  • Hear firsthand from Gerdau on their successful implementation of simulation technology, which helped set new industry standards.
  • Discover how simulation training can lead to a 40% boost in productivity.
  • Learn how to reduce risk to people and projects timelines
  • Learn about gathering operator statics to increase estimating accuracy
  • Hear how to attract a new generation of talent

This webinar is designed to illuminate the path toward integrating virtual simulation into your training program, transforming what is often perceived as an expenditure into a strategic investment. We encourage you to forward this webinar to the relevant executive and training stakeholders on your team.

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Samantha DeAlmeida Roman photo

Samantha DeAlmeida Roman

President, Associated Builders and Contractors, New Jersey Chapter

Samantha DeAlmeida Roman, the youngest President of ABC, New Jersey Chapter, represents over 1,300 member firms in the construction industry. As the leader of one of the state’s most prominent trade associations, DeAlmeida is a powerful advocate for the construction industry. Her leadership capabilities and political expertise bring merit shop business owners a strong voice.

Jason Salmon photo

Jason Salmon

Heavy Equipment Master Trainer, Gerdau

With 27 years of comprehensive experience in operating and training on various mobile equipment, including 100-ton haul trucks, articulating dump trucks, excavators, material handlers, skid steers, forklifts, telehandlers, and more, Jason brings a wealth of expertise to his role. Notably, he is certified as a train-the-trainer for more than 14 types of equipment, demonstrating a decade of dedicated training experience. Since 2005, Jason has been applying his vast knowledge and skills at Gerdau, where he blends real-world experience with innovative training techniques to train operators.

Head Shot of Christa Fairchild

Christa Fairchild

Product Marketing Manager, CM Labs

Christa Fairchild is the Product Marketing Manager for CM Labs Simulations, specializing in the Construction and Utilities Markets. With an extensive 10-year career in tech-related industries, Christa has consistently excelled in addressing ambiguity and complexity. Her expertise in sharing and communication, combined with her insightful approach to marketing opportunities and product development, has been instrumental in driving growth and innovation within her field. Christa’s unique blend of skills and experience positions her as a strategic leader in shaping CM Labs’ offerings to meet the dynamic needs of the construction and utilities sectors.

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