Operator Training: Efficient Learning

International Cranes and Specialized Transport

CITB purchased six Vortex Simulator units, developed by Canada-based simulator vendor CM Labs Simulations, complete with training packs for excavators, crawler cranes, mobile cranes, and tower cranes, and four signalperson training stations. Housed in a purpose-built training building and run by dedicated simulator technicians, the simulators have become a fully integrated component of CITB’s training programme.

According to Chris Bushell, CITB curriculum manager, students are able to get as much as 40 % more practice time at the controls because simulators do not suffer from the same down-time that’s associated with using live equipment, and training isn’t limited during winter months.

Likewise, students are able to focus on specific tasks and skills, and trainers can vary equipment configurations in ways that are too cumbersome to do with live equipment. An integrated reporting system that tracks student progression through the curriculum is designed to aid students’ preparation for the CPCS exam.

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