Introducing Vortex Studio 2017b

With Vortex Studio 2017b, creating immersive multi-screen simulators has never been easier. With new tools to set up distributed systems, integrate hardware controls and monitor performance, Vortex Studio 2017b delivers a complete simulator development environment.

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Point-and-Click Distributed System Configuration and Monitoring

Configure and launch distributed simulation systems in a few clicks with the updated Vortex Studio Player application. With automatic computer detection and integrated monitoring, the Vortex Studio Player reduces time for simulator deployment and troubleshooting.

Simplified Controls Integration

Vortex Studio 2017b streamlines the management of inputs with the introduction of control presets. Content creators can now setup a pre-defined list of inputs available for virtual equipment. System integrators can then connect final controls without going back to the development workstation.

More Engaging Earthmoving Visual Effects

Immerse trainees in lifelike virtual environments with Vortex Studio 2017b’s improved earthmoving visual effects and boosted performance. Simulating high-precision equipment, such as motor graders, can now be achieved with the same resources as other earthmoving equipment.

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