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    Port Equipment Training Simulators

    Boost terminal productivity and enhance safety with Vortex Port Equipment Training Simulators

Simulation-Based Training Solutions for Terminals

Operational requirements mean port equipment is not always available for training. This means it can take a considerable amount of time to complete even a relatively short training program.

CM Labs’ Vortex® Simulators provide a realistic simulated port environment with operational training scenarios that allow you to train novices and experienced operators alike for increased safety and efficiency, in a risk-free learning environment.

From ship loading/unloading to horizontal transport to yard management, CM Labs’ true-to-life simulator solutions can be used to train employees through the entire terminal workflow.

Why train with Vortex port simulators?


Increase training effectiveness

Trainees can experiment in the controlled simulation environment, learning how to safely operate machines and follow procedures without placing equipment and personnel at risk.

Remove Workflow Bottlenecks

Ports require precision control of their workflows to ensure the constant turnover of vessels. Moving training to Vortex simulators avoids having inexperienced operators in the middle of a high demand situation.

Raise KPI Performance

After learning through simulation, trainees start live-operations at a higher competency level. Likewise, seasoned operators improve their capabilities with on-going simulation-based upgrading.

Decrease Training Costs

Training on live machinery costs time, fuel, and lost productivity. Training with a Vortex simulator not only saves these direct costs but allows trainers and equipment to be used in more effective ways.

Benchmark Employees

Every action taken on the simulator is recorded in real-time, allowing ports to build a benchmark for “good” operations, ensuring that all operators are equally skilled, efficient, and safe.

Quayside crane training solutions

Vortex quayside crane simulators help train novices faster and further than other solutions, reducing the impact that training on these cranes can have on live activities while delivering more productive and safer operators.

All training is conducted through a series of progressive scenarios, enhanced by advanced simulation of rigging and hoisting systems, terminal traffic and trainer-controlled virtual environments, replicating real-world conditions.

Yard-Side equipment training solutions

Vortex simulators let you simulate your entire port operation, extending to the container yard and the unique skills required for working there.

Training proper horizontal transport and container handling, including stacking rules, stacking skills, and delivery procedures, as well as avoiding tipping or other dangerous situations, builds operators who can move into live operations with the confidence and competencies required.

Ports simulator hardware platforms

With swappable controls, flexible configuration options, and industrial-grade hardware, CM Labs offers a family of scalable port simulator hardware platforms that can grow with your requirements and budget.

  • “Having the simulator really does ensure that after three weeks, people are getting through the training system. It eliminates the opportunity cost of having a non-skilled operator on site.”

    Port of Tilbury
  • “What stands out about the simulator? Flexibility — the simulator can create a range of different conditions for trainees."

    Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal
  • “You could definitely see that Vortex was more realistic.”

    ZHD Stevedores

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