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Immersion: Bringing Simulation Training Even Closer to Reality!

Expect More with CM Labs Simulations

The Ports Industry is dynamic and complex, with decision-makers continuously facing many challenging issues. Topics like workforce development, environmental sustainability, economic trends, and how technology works to solve these problems plague port managers and workers on a regular basis. Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand just where simulation training fits into the landscape.

At CM Labs, we discuss all of these issues on a regular basis. Now we want to include you in our conversations.

Quayside Chats are short-form web events covering the issues and topics affecting the Port Industry today. CM Labs’ industry experts will tackle one topic, answering three questions within 15-20 minutes, and wrap up with a 10 minute Q&A.

Watch the first installment of CM Labs’ Quayside Chats: Immersion and Simulation Training, a discussion between CM Labs’ Port Industry experts, Devon Van de Kletersteeg and Yannick Lefebvre.

What you'll Learn:

During the webinar, Devon and Yannick answer these questions:

  • What is immersion?
  • How do you create immersion (what technology is involved)?
  • Why is it important to simulation training and training outcomes?

At the end of the discussion, there is a Q&A.

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