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    Forestry Equipment Training Simulators

    Precision engineering for maximum operator readiness

Forestry Equipment Training Simulators

CM Labs’ Forestry Equipment Training Simulators were designed in collaboration with Tigercat Industries to ensure precision engineering and realistic machine behavior. They provide training organizations with comprehensive education for operators — from roadwork with the Earthmoving Training Packs, and now, cutting and moving timber. The Forestry Training Packs currently run on CM Labs’ desktop Vortex Edge Plus and the motion-enabled Vortex Edge Max simulators.

Forestry equipment training packs

Our Forwarder and Harvester Simulator Training Packs feature an industry-based curriculum built to meet the training and recruitment demands of the industry. With the widest variety of simulated terrains on the market, these training packs help to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Other equipment training packs

Our earthmoving equipment simulator training packs are powered by decades of innovation and research into dirt simulation, so trainees learn proper digging, loading, and dumping techniques that transfer to the work site. With self-paced learning exercises, trainees can work independently to develop safe work habits that get real-world results.

Vortex Edge Series: Affordable tools for operator skill development

The Vortex Edge Series of simulators are entry-level solutions that make it simple and affordable for organisations to leverage the latest in innovative technology for operator skills development. Easy to transport and set up, they are ideal for organisations looking to explore simulation for the first time.