New CM Labs Solutions Launching at TOC Europe to Help Port Terminals Monitor, Measure, and Boost Productivity

CM Labs Simulations, developer of Vortex training simulators, today announced that it will be demonstrating new solutions built on its Smart Training TechnologyTM, designed to assist port terminals in monitoring, measuring, and boosting production, at TOC Europe 2019, booth D6.

CM Labs will be displaying an innovative Remote Operating Station (ROS) training solution for remote desk-controlled ship-to-shore (STS) cranes. This simulator was first developed by CM Labs to give port terminals the opportunity to train operators to proficiency ahead of crane delivery. It exposes trainees to realistic crane operations and the control room environment, including the simulation of all crane functions, camera displays, and automated safety functions, as well as the terminal’s container management system.

“Research shows that the trend toward automation and semi-automation will create over $1.5 billion in value for an average port,” says Drew Carruthers, CM Labs’ Director of Training Solutions. “By bringing simulation into the loop at the training stage, ports are ideally positioned to recognise this value more rapidly.”

In addition, CM Labs is presenting the Instructor Operating Station (IOS), its all-in-one solution for monitoring and assessing trainees. Designed to complement CM Labs’ Vortex simulators for operator training, the IOS provides smart monitoring tools that provide in-depth insight into trainee progress. The IOS tracks all operating metrics during training exercises, and rolls them up into a single score that updates in real time. It is the only simulator training solution that gives trainers and managers the ability to customize this scoring system and establish their own benchmarks, if desired, according to the operator attributes they want to target.

After each training session, the IOS can generate reports that highlight scoring, selected instructor bookmarks, notes, and charts that allow terminals to objectively document trainee readiness, and ultimately train a safer, more effective operator. At TOC Europe, CM Labs will also provide an update about new Predictive Training capabilities, designed to accelerate acquisition of trainee skills thanks to a 360-degree analysis of IOS data.

Booth visitors will have the opportunity for a hands-on experience with the Vortex Master, CM Labs’ full-suite training simulator. Like all CM Labs simulators, the Vortex Master is powered by Smart Training Technology that includes an abundance of training recommendations, intelligent information, and other actionable data, all leading to the highest level of transferable skills outside of the real equipment.

Thanks to hot-swappable controls, Vortex Port Equipment Simulators can run full fleets of equipment, including STS crane, Ship Pedestal Crane, Forklift, Rubber-tyred Gantry, Mobile Harbour Crane, Reach Stacker, Empty Container Handler, and more. According to CM Labs client Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal (FACT), Vortex Port Simulators have allowed trainees to meet and exceed required operational standards 40% faster than previously.

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To experience CM Labs’ complete quayside-to-yard training solution for improving terminal safety and productivity at TOC Europe, visit booth D6.

About CM Labs Simulations

CM Labs builds simulation-based solutions to help clients design advanced equipment and prepare for skilled operations. Through its Vortex Studio platform, CM Labs provides capabilities for training simulators, mission rehearsal, virtual prototyping, and testing.

CM Labs’ Vortex Port Equipment Simulators provide true-to-life training experiences that result in safe and productive container handlers. From ship loading/unloading to transport to yard management, Vortex powered training solutions can be used to train employees across the entire port workflow.

For more than 20 years, CM Labs’ Vortex Simulators have helped train equipment operators in port, maritime, and offshore environments all over the world. In the past few years alone the Port of Tilbury, Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal, Indonesian Port Corporation, Napier Port, Ports of Auckland, multiple DP World sites and the Pacific Maritime Association (USA) have chosen Vortex simulators to improve operational safety and efficiency.

Vortex® is a registered trademark of CM Labs Simulations.

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