Tech Tools to Try – 6 Technologies to take you from planning to execution

Take planning to execution: Learn how the construction industry is exploring newer tech like autonomous equipment, robotics and simulation to improve operations.

Steel erectors often employ their own crane operators for lifting during construction. This includes uring RT and AT mobile cranes, crawler cranes and even tower cranes. “Contractors must address ongoing training, recruitment, and various levels of operator experience. They also are dealing with inclement weather, multi-site management, and remote locations. Crane simulators can be used to address these factors as well as ongoing recertification, recruitment assessment, employee benchmarking, maintaining skills, and working on advanced training,” said Alan Limoges, CM labs product manager.

CM labs Simulations features Smart Training Technology in its crane simulators, which accurately replicates machine stability – providing real-world training opportunities. The simulated machine behavior helps operators gain a better feel for controls, throttle, inertia, boom flex, and other real-world scenarios that affect cycle times or precision placement.

Read the full article in the March 2023 Edition of Connector Magazine, on page 30.

CONNECTOR Magazine Cover - Tech Tools to try taking you from planning to execution
CM Labs' Rough Terrain Crane Simulator made the cover of Connector magazine