Vortex Studio User Tip: The Pick Filter

When you’re working on a complex scene or mechanism, the 3D View can get crowded. It can become difficult to select exactly the right element with the mouse. Thankfully, help is available in the form of the Pick Filter. While in the 3D View, select “Pick Filter” from the right-click menu (it’s right under the “Grid…” command). Check the object (or objects) that you want to be able to select. Anything else will be ignored.
Vortex Studio The Pick Filter Menu
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The context menu allows you to narrow down exactly what you want to select. For example, say you have a mechanism with lots of parts and geometries. You keep selecting geometries when you really wanted the part — truly irritating. But, if you uncheck everything but Part in the Pick Filter sub-menu, thereafter if you try to select one in the 3D View, you won’t get the geometries instead. A simple little trick that can be a sanity-saver when under stressful deadlines!