Expect more with CM Labs. Highlights from 2023 Utility Expo

If you couldn’t make it to this year’s Utility Expo, you missed a vibrant showcase.

Attendees tried out our latest simulation training systems, while manufacturers explored the benefits of our engineered simulated equipment for product training and development. Novices to simulation discovered how CM Labs’ technology could solve their challenges, whether it’s safe training for high-risk scenarios, reducing downtime, or streamlining recruitment. And, of course, the crowd appreciated firsthand authentic experience with the simulators.

Watch this short video of the highlights:

Expect more and get it with CM Labs. We are committed to the innovation of virtual training for the Utility Market. By offering simulation training for the most comprehensive range of equipment, including the Digger Derrick, CM Labs helps organizations ensure operators receive safe and sustainable skill building experiences.

Here’s an overview of the showcased highlights from the Expo:

Wheeled Excavator

The training is designed for operators destined to work in complex urban settings where focus and situational awareness is needed to control equipment and comply with strict safety protocols.

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Intellia Instructor

CM Labs Training Management offers scalable next-generation centralized planning and management with live monitoring to guide, assess, and engage operator trainees.

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CM Labs gets Thumbs Up

Utility Expo Expect More Thumbs Up

Operators who tested our simulators expressed that the experience was excellent for training. They particularly appreciated our Digger Derrick, noting that you can truly feel the auger pulling down, just as it happens in real life.

This guy didn’t need any prompting to give us the thumbs up!

The Perfect Fit - Altec Sentry Simulator for Digger Derrick

Altec, one of the largest Utility OEMs, in partnership with CM Labs, launched their Sentry Simulator with Digger Derrick, which includes instruction and preparation exercises for CCO crane certification exams. Altec ran a busy rodeo competition with prizes using this new simulator.

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Walkaround Inspection Sneak Peek

At Utility Expo, we gave a little preview of the upcoming Walkaround Inspection. With operator safety at the core of our training – this vital instruction will directly impact jobsite safety and productivity. Stay tuned for more information.

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Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. If you’re interested in learning more about the new releases or any CM Labs products, you can book a demo with one of our representatives.

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