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Accelerate your creation process with high-fidelity real-time simulation and visualization

Virtual Prototyping

Create overview​

With the increasing complexity of real-time simulation projects and shorter timelines, equipping your development team with the right set of tools is paramount.

Integrating across the design process, from the import of existing 3D or CAD models, to the incorporation and tuning of mechanical properties, to the building of complete simulation scenarios, Vortex Studio Create can replace, connect or augment disparate tools, creating a seamless workflow of innovation.

Key Benefits

With increasingly complex real-time simulation projects and shorter development timelines, predicting system-level behavior has become even more challenging. Vortex Studio Create provides your team with the right set of tools to generate virtual representations of complex mechanical systems.

Key Features of Vortex Studio Create

Seamlessly develop simulated mechanical content

  • Import assets from leading 3D modeling software with native import functionalities and add-ons
  • Rapidly define the mechanical and physical properties of individual parts and assemblies through an intuitive GUI
  • Test-drive, debug and optimize simulation performance directly from the editor
  • Add terrain and position interactive equipment and objects in scenes including human characters and a variety of vegetation.

Operate in valid conditions

  • Model individual powertrain components, including engine, transmission, differential, and brakes.
  • Realistically interact with soft- and hard-ground with data-based tire simulation models.
  • Cut, scoop, compress and pile various types of
    deformable soils including clay, sand, gravel, and
  • Replicate a complete range of cable behaviors, such as torsion, elongation and breaking with whiplash.

Render detailed environments in real time

  • Efficient rendering solution fully integrated with simulation dynamics.
  • Support for consumer-grade graphics cards
  • Dynamic lighting effects based on time-of-day, light sources and surface reflections
  • Effective particle system for realistic dust, smoke and splash effects.
  • Measure and chart parameters throughout the simulation.

Extendable capabilities and third-party software support

  • Integrated specialised software through Vortex Studio’s cross platform C++ API
  • Customise simulations with embedded Python scripting and plug-in extensions
  • Integrate third-party engineering modeling tools such as MathWorks Simulink™ and Siemens Amesim™
  • Rapidly transform 3D CAD assets into interactive virtual prototypes with the optional Vortex Studio CAD Importer—a multi-format, CAD import and de-featuring add-on.

Compare Vortex Studio Software Packages

Vortex Studio is CM Labs’ advanced collection of real-time simulation and visualization software, offering fast-paced, user-centric mechanical prototyping and streamlined deployment of immersive virtual experiences for enhanced testing, training and customer engagement.

Simulation Creation

All the tools needed to build and optimize interactive real- time simulations on the desktop, Vortex Studio Create is the creation-point for all development in the Vortex Studio ecosystem.

Simulation Deployment & Distribution

Vortex Studio Activate brings single simulators to life with multi-channel 3D graphics, connect to hardware systems for HIL and DIL, or create exciting experiences for product marketing.

Broadening your reach with limitless distribution, Vortex Studio Engage empowers teams to create simulations for unique, enterprise-level visualization, training and marketing applications.

Simulation Creation

Simulation Deployment & Distribution

Vortex Studio Create is the kick-off point for all development within the Vortex Studio ecosystem: A comprehensive suite of tools that allow you to build and optimize real-time simulations of machines and their environments directly from your desktop.

From single seat simulators to scaled deployment of virtual machinery, Vortex Studio Activate provides an integrated framework that ties simulation to hardware, bringing equipment models to life for driver-in-the-loop engineering, training, and customer experiences.

How will you innovate?

From mechanical modeling and scene construction to design validation, optimization and deployment, Vortex Studio fully integrates with your workflow.

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