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Virtual Prototyping

Create, validate and deploy simulation

As the core application of Vortex Studio Create, the Vortex Studio Editor is the central content design and data interaction platform for all Vortex Studio projects, from virtual prototyping to single-simulator test units to broad deployment of simulation.

Seamlessly, the Vortex Studio Editor takes you through the entire simulation creation process. Simplifying dynamics modelling while providing access to in-depth mechanical properties of moving parts and assemblies, the Vortex Studio Editor allows users to build a complete system simulation.

Vortex Studio Editor

Key features of the Vortex Studio Editor

Build Interactive Virtual Systems

The Vortex Studio Editor makes it easy to model and visualise complex mechanical systems, from military vehicles and construction machinery to surface and underwater equipment.

  • Import assets from leading CAD and 3D modeling software
  • Define mechanical properties of parts and assemblies
  • Add a wide range of standard and custom kinematic constraints
  • Extend capabilities with cable, earthworks, marine and vehicle simulation and visualisation modules

Configure, distribute and
monitor simulation applications

Whether in a subsea oilfield, a farm field or the battlefield, the Vortex Studio Editor accurately recreates operating conditions.

  • Import 3D terrain models
  • Position interactive equipment and objects in scenes
  • Tune operating conditions with time-of-day and weather controls
  • Enhance land scenes with bundled vegetation assets and ocean scenes with advanced wave models and subsea effects

Build an immersive simulation experience

The Editor lets you prepare your simulation for visualization, motion and sound, whether in a desktop  or custom multi-channel simulator.

  • Control the appearance of your models with graphic materials combining up to 16 texture layers and masks
  • Create and assign viewports and display channels to user roles to create multi-channel and multi-role simulations
  • Connect hardware and software I/O, such as joysticks and touchscreens, to control logic using a drag-and-drop interface

Validate and Test Model Performance

Verify simulation performance and accuracy directly within the Vortex Studio Editor. Track individual module performance, model and extension CPU and GPU usage with the profiler panel.

  • Debug and optimize simulation with built-in inspection tools in order to prepare for real-time
  • Measure and chart parameters throughout the simulation
  • Utilise Python scripting to create automated test sequences

Build and Deploy with Vortex Studio

Vortex Studio is CM Labs’ advanced suite of real-time simulation and visualization software, offering user-centric creation tools and streamlined deployment software to ease the process of building and sharing immersive virtual experiences.

The Vortex Studio workflow:

How will you innovate?

From mechanical modeling and scene construction to design validation, optimization and deployment, Vortex Studio fully integrates with your workflow.

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