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    Simulate Multi-Body Dynamics in Real-Time
Virtual Prototyping

Build on an Integrated Simulation Platform

Dynamics simulation

  • Model individual components, including powertrain, ground interaction, steering, suspension and brakes, for more accurate simulated vehicles.
  • Deploy heavy equipment in accurate environments with real-time simulation of deformable terrain.
  • Simulate cable systems in both tension or slack for lifting systems, towing operations, offshore SURF systems, and robotic tethers, all  interacting with mechanical systems and the virtual environment.
  • Integrate buoyancy, drag and motion models with configurable ocean state to simulate hydrodynamic interaction with hulls,and submersibles.

Advanced graphics

  • Create mechanisms, objects and terrain from existing CAD and 3D art models

  • High-quality shader-based GPU-accelerated rendering, on desktop systems, head mounted displays or synchronized multi-channel systems.

  • Create realistic scenes with 3D visual effects—including shadows, skydome, weather, trees, ocean—to enhance the user experience.

  • Integrate built-in visual sensors needed to simulate control with cameras, ray-cast and depth sensors or extend capabilities with tools to model LiDAR or sonar.

Desktop engineering

  • Build and validate virtual machines and scenarios from 3D CAD/artwork with easy to use drag-and-drop functionality within the Vortex Studio Editor.

  • Prepare your simulation—whether a desktop environment or a custom multi-channel simulator—for visualization, motion and sound from the same creation application.

  • Distribute simulation and visualization with a reusable workflow, replacing code-based processes with the Vortex Studio Player’s intuitive point-and-click tools.

  • Work within this central console to debug and optimize simulations, manage scenes and participants, and play back sessions.

Adaptable architecture

  • Leverage a robust software stack including core Vortex Studio applications, distributed computing framework, cross-platform libraries, and embedded Python.

  • Easily extend Vortex Studio through a simple plugin architecture and C++ API to integrate software and hardware in-the-loop.

  • Embed Vortex Studio into your own application through fully documented cross-platform libraries with C++ API.

Key Benefits

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Vortex Studio is CM Labs’ advanced suite of real-time simulation and visualization software, offering fast-paced, user-centric mechanical prototyping and streamlined deployment of immersive virtual experiences for enhanced testing, training and customer engagement.

How will you innovate?

From mechanical modeling and scene construction to design validation, optimization and deployment, Vortex Studio fully integrates with your workflow.

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