CM Labs' Quayside Chat

Advancing Operators' Safety in Port Terminals

Preventive Training for Accident-Free Operations

Discover how CM Labs Simulations solutions help operators build confidence and prepare them to handle unexpected situations like adverse weather and equipment malfunctions, crucial for safe lifting of heavy loads.

During this webinar under the moderation of Mary Lee Shalvoy, Director of Product Marketing, our speakers Roger McGroty, Managing Director of Sleipnir Logistics and Devon Van de Kletersteeg, CM Labs’ Product Manager for the Port industry will discuss strategies that not only prevent accidents but also can safeguard cargo while enhancing the overall safety and reliability of port terminals operations.

Be part of the conversation that tries to answer the questions:

  • What are the top Safety issues surrounding operator training in the Port Industry?
  • How does Simulation Training address these issues?
  • What are some examples of success?

Cultivating a Safety-First Culture

Learn how proper training contributes to creating a culture of safety, where operators respond effectively to emergencies and prioritize safety in all operations. Discover how investing in safety-focused training not only prevents accidents but also saves costs on repairs, contributing to the integrity of Port Terminal infrastructure.

Explore the synergy between safety-focused training and increased operational efficiency, positively impacting port operations and supply chain management.

Don’t miss this opportunity to delve into the transformative power of safety-centric training for crane operators in Port Terminals’ operations. Join us to elevate safety standards in your operations.

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Quayside Chats are short-form web events covering the issues and topics affecting the Port Industry today. CM Labs’ industry experts will tackle one topic, answering three questions within 15-20 minutes, and wrap up with a 10 minute Q&A.

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