New Heavy Equipment Simulator Provides Expandable, Affordable All-in-one Operator Training

With hot-swappable configurations and extensive equipment training options, the Vortex® Advantage provides a complete training platform for crane and heavy equipment operators.

CM Labs Simulations, developer of Vortex training simulators, today announced the availability of the new Vortex Advantage, the latest addition to their construction equipment simulator product line.

The Vortex Advantage has been designed to provide maximum flexibility for training programs of all sizes and budgets, depending on the desired level of immersion and the number of machine simulations required. Select from one, three, or five screens, a motion platform, an instructor station, and hot-swappable OEM-grade control sets and pedals. Add on any of the equipment modules from CM Labs’ construction crane and heavy equipment operator training suite, ranging from modules for tower crane and RT mobile crane operator training, to excavator, loader, and backhoe training, for a full fleet of equipment training options.

Training modules, controls, and pedals can be rapidly changed — in most cases, in seconds – by a single instructor. This makes the Vortex Advantage a truly practical all-in-one solution, as there is no need for complex recalibrations, awkward hardware adjustments, or lengthy set-up times.

The Vortex Advantage also presents a streamlined, more compact footprint. With an embedded computer rack, “plug and play” set-up, and no exposed wires or moving parts, it is ideal for organisations looking for an affordable and scalable, easy-to-use solution.

The sleek new hardware design of the Vortex Advantage is tightly integrated with the most innovative simulation software on the market. Every aspect of the simulator hardware has been built around the idea of leveraging the realism and innovation that are built into the software, from the reaction of the optional motion platform during training exercises, to the positioning of the displays. This provides for an integrated training solution that maximises student engagement and learning, while ensuring that students can transfer their skills directly from the simulator to the real world — there is no risk of negative training, as with fake game-based simulators.

“It has the real feel,” says Jim Headley, president and director of Crane Institute of America. “It almost puts you in the real world when you’re in the seat. It’s the best simulator I’ve ever seen.”

“The Vortex Simulator is one of the greatest tools we have,” says Dub Huggins, Training Manager at Crane Service Industries. “I have not seen a system that even comes close to equaling Vortex. Does it save us money? Yes. And does it improve the quality of our end product? Yes it does.”

Designed to complement training on the actual equipment, Vortex Simulators provide a safe environment for novices to learn, while also allowing instructors to engage more students and provide more seat time. All of CM Labs’ construction crane and heavy equipment operator training modules provide progressive learning exercises that range from beginner through to intermediate and advanced operations.

The Vortex Advantage will next be available for test-drives at National Safety Council (NSC) Expo, October 17-21, in Anaheim, California.

About CM Labs Simulations

For over 20 years, CM Labs’ Vortex Simulators and services have helped train crane and heavy equipment operators all over the world. Today, CM Labs is the largest simulator vendor in the market, with over 1,000 simulators in 30 countries deployed with Vortex software.

CM Labs’ feature-rich Vortex Simulators provide immersive, ultra-realistic learning environments that promote increased safety and operational efficiency, essential skills development, and reduced training costs. Developed by operators, trainers, and simulation experts, our standards-based solutions prepare operators for the real world.

Our clients include Mammoet, Liebherr, Kiewit, IUOE, Manitowoc, and over 100 other world-class companies, OEMs, equipment operators, and trades training organizations.

Vortex® is a registered trademark of CM Labs Simulations. CM Labs is a proud Deloitte Technology Fast 500 winner for 2016.

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