CM Labs upgrades Forklift Simulator Training Pack for Ports and Construction

Blended training solution offers increased trainee engagement with heightened visuals and improvements to learning program

CM Labs Simulations, leading vendor for simulation-based training in the construction and ports industries, has announced the updated release of its Forklift Simulator Training Pack.

The only simulation-based solution that exposes trainees to real forklift hazards and challenges, the Training Packs offers a safe, effective, and comprehensive alternative for initial training while mitigating the increased fuel costs and wear and tear that typically result from inexperienced handling. The Forklift Simulator Training Pack joins the CM Labs family of simulation training solutions that result in effective, efficient operator training outcomes while assisting organizations in key industry issues such as labor shortages, safety, and sustainability.

New upgrades include improved graphics for better immersion, multi-screen capabilities, new virtual environments, additional cameras on the forklift, inclusion of HMI stability triangle, and reworked exercises.

The Forklift Training Pack’s progressive learning exercises gradually build skill and confidence. Trainees work on skills such as control familiarization, transporting, loading and unloading materials of varying sizes and weights, managing ramps, maneuvering tight turns, and braking. An exercise to prepare for certification and an open-world sandbox for ongoing training is included.

“The shortage of experienced operators highlights the importance of closing the skills gap,” Alan Limoges, Construction Product Manager at CM Labs. “That’s why we are focused on providing the most immersive learning experience to deliver the world’s best training outcomes.”

The Forklift Training Pack is compatible with all of CM Labs’ Vortex® Simulators, including the desktop Vortex Edge Plus, the motion-enabled Vortex Edge Max, and the high-immersion Vortex Advantage. The Forklift is part of CM Labs’ range of lifting machines, making it ideal for training schools or companies with a wide range of equipment in their fleet.

About CM Labs Simulations Inc.

CM Labs’ mission is to simulate the world to make operations safe and efficient, by connecting people, processes, and equipment design. The company builds simulation-based solutions to help clients design advanced equipment and prepare for skilled operations. CM Labs provides training simulators, simulation training software for heavy equipment operators, virtual prototyping, and testing capabilities through its Vortex Studio platform.

Clients include OETIO, IUOE, Kiewit, Liebherr, Mammoet, Manitowoc, NASA, and over 100 other world-class companies, OEMs, equipment operators, and trades training organizations.

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