Q&A: Digital Training Provider CM Labs Simulates the Job Site

Technological advancements are helping create the next generation of heavy equipment operators.

Technology is changing every aspect of construction. As computers become smaller, cheaper and more powerful, they are being implemented in every corner of the sector. In the case of heavy equipment operation, developers can create powerful simulations that help new operators prepare for the field without fear of hurting themselves, other people or machinery. We reached out to Quebec-based CM Labs to learn more about how these training systems are developed and where the technology is heading.

Read the full media covering CM Labs’ beneficial services for the construction sector, how training simulators and their demand have evolved over time and where it’s heading as well as Vortex Studio, how was it developed & the research that goes into developing specific training programs, on Site News.

IUOE Local 150, training facility
Simulators, like this CM Labs Vortex Edge Max unit, can help train operators effectively while minimizing risk.