PMV Middle East News: Motor Grader Simulator Scoring Feature

PMV Middle East News

CM Labs Simulations, developer of Vortex training simulators, has announced an update to their motor grader simulator training pack that includes an operator scoring feature.

The new version of the motor grader simulator pack tracks all operating metrics during training exercises, and rolls them up into a single score that updates in real-time. These metrics include cycle time, blade efficiency, number of blade contacts with wheels or obstacles, grade quality, idle time, and fuel consumption.

This feature allows organisations to customise the scoring system to take their most important success criteria into consideration, and thus, allows instructors to objectively re-assess operators after every training session, if needed, in order to meet training objectives more rapidly.

The update also implements new earthmoving technology that allows trainees to actually feel the dirt in front of the blade, which is essential when learning how to efficiently operate a motor grader. In addition, the simulator pack provides high-precision blade and real-life advanced effects such as side-draft and incorporates self-guided learning features, including previews of each training exercise, and best-practice hints.

Available for deployment on any Vortex simulator, the new motor grader training pack is powered by CM Labs’ Vortex Studio simulation and visualisation software. The result is an engineering-grade grader simulation that has been rigorously field-tested by experienced operators and instructors from equipment manufacturers and top training schools.

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