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Our industry partners provide crane and heavy equipment training that leverages CM Labs’ simulator-based operator training services and solutions. 

Industry partners

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Crane Industry Services (CIS)

CIS instructors work on active job sites, conducting qualification and certification assessments, maintaining and repairing cranes, conducting non-destructive testing, conducting third-party inspections and annual crane inspections. CIS instructors are NCCER certified as instructors, certification examiners, crane operators, and riggers. Active in Safety with OSHA 30 to 500, ASME B30.5 committees, and Workforce Development, CIS knows safe operations from military, job and plant site experiences in all 50 states and multiple other countries.

Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario (OETIO)

The OETIO (IUOE Local 793) is a progressive organization dedicated to the provision of quality training consistent with evolving industry needs and government standards in order to ensure a safe, efficient, and effective construction industry. In operation since 1982, the OETIO is a world-class training institute that offers crane operator, heavy equipment operator, and construction safety training programs in support of the construction industry.

Next Gen Equipment Training

Next Gen Equipment Training provides cutting-edge, customized heavy-equipment operator training for both new and existing equipment operators in the construction industry. Using state of the art simulators the training center is a safe, consistent and cost effective way to train operators on equipment such as hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers, articulated haul trucks, motor graders and backhoes. Next Gen is located in Golden, Colorado with a staff of knowledgeable and experienced instructors and mentors.

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