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How to Remove Guesswork and Risk from the Operator Hiring Process

Simulator training is helping the industry overcome one of the most significant recruitment pushes in construction

Contractors everywhere are grappling with a perfect storm of skills deficits.

The fact is, the skills gap has reached a critical state: the economy is roaring back to life, and as it does, projects are multiplying by an order of magnitude. Contractors need to answer this question: Can I hire the resources I need, in full confidence that skills fit the bill?

After all, anyone can say they know how to run a crane. Proving it is another matter — a matter that involves time, complexity, and risk.

Download this free e-book to find out how you can remove guesswork and risk from your operator hiring process. You’ll learn how innovative solutions can help you:

  • Base hiring decisions on real data
  • Incentivize successful operator candidates to stay
  • Reap the benefits of increased demand for your services

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