Vortex Studio: Local/World Coordinates Selector

Sometimes, even a very small change can have a big impact on productivity. I’d like to showcase a brand new functionality that we introduced in Vortex Studio 2017a, namely the Local/World Coordinates Selector. This is the small target-like icon located to the right of the coordinate display panel, near the top of the screen. This appears whenever the Move or Rotate controls are active.

Vortex Studio - Local coordinate space
Local Coordinate Space
Vortex Studio - World Coordinate Space
World Coordinate Space

It allows you to toggle between the local coordinate space of the object currently selected, or the world coordinate space. This makes it very useful for placing objects accurately within the world, even though their local orientation has already been modified. For example, say you’ve inserted a spotlight in a scene, and you already rotated it along several axis to align it to a target. You need a second light placed one meter to its right, so you duplicate the object and move the copy to the next location. Switching from local to world coordinates makes this an easy task!