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Virtual Prototyping

Real-time Simulation Software

Vortex Studio is CM Labs’ advanced suite of real-time simulation and visualization software, a high-fidelity platform for fast-paced, user-centric mechanical prototyping, streamlined product design and deployment of immersive virtual experiences for human-in-the-loop testing, immersive training, and enhanced marketing experiences.



From the engineer’s desktop to immersive human-in-the-loop simulators, Vortex Studio allows engineers to simulate and visualize heavy equipment in real-time.

Offshore & Subsea

Vortex Studio lets marine engineers solve the challenges of designing and testing equipment for offshore and subsea operations using simulation.

Mobile Robotics

Vortex Studio provides the tools needed to create real-time simulation of grasping, access, and other task-based robotic applications.

Defense Vehicle Simulation


A COTS real-time simulation platform, Vortex Studio offers high-fidelity modeling for vehicle, heavy equipment, and maritime operations training.


Mechanical systems and mobile robotics are becoming increasingly sophisticated with the introduction of smart systems such as high resolution sensors and machine learning algorithms—making them more challenging, costly, and time-consuming to physically prototype, test, and eventually deploy. 

With products and processes being re-imagined as task-oriented systems, it is critical for the human-machine interaction to remain part of the design cycle.

Virtual Prototyping

The engineering process is continually moving from design and development to integration and deployment through a series of prototypes and tests.

Vortex Studio is an effective tool for systems design, decoupling prototypes from physical hardware, allowing for quick virtual validation of design assumptions and verification of solutions.

Virtual Prototyping
Operations Planning

Operations Planning

Increasing mechanical complexity means that operations carry exponential levels of risk—some of which are dangerous or impossible for physical testing (deep sea, outer space, contaminated areas).

Before you launch your operation, Vortex Studio allows for the development of scenarios that can test for flaws, delays, and complete “roadblocks”—de-risking and mitigating points of failure.

Human-In-The-Loop Testing

Testing in live operating environments is a challenging and costly endeavour, increased when adding advanced control systems. Similarly, the human-machine connection needs to be validated at every stage, from initial design to the integration of ergonomic solutions.

Vortex Studio lets you test new systems and controls in-the-loop by integrating hardware, software, and HMI control systems into the virtual machine for deployment in complex operating scenarios.

Build product-specific simulators

Product-specific Training

Those who interact with both traditional and next-generation equipment need to be trained in ways that are applicable and transferable to real-world working conditions.

Machinery engineered in Vortex Studio can be easily deployed into high-fidelity scenarios, providing a training tool that is both visually appealing and valuable for long-term skills development.

3D Marketing Experiences

Presenting new technologies in a virtual environment lets you show customers the nuanced advantages of your product, in an environment more applicable than a showroom.

Vortex Studio allows sales and marketing teams to simulate an on-machine experience to demonstrate the benefits of novel technologies through fully integrated visuals, sound and motion.

Create virtual customer experiences

Build and Deploy with Vortex Studio

Vortex Studio is CM Labs’ advanced suite of real-time simulation and visualization software, offering user-centric creation tools and streamlined deployment software to ease the process of building and sharing immersive virtual experiences.

The Vortex Studio workflow:

Build on an Integrated Platform

Vortex Studio has been designed to provide a fully-integrated, centralized environment for the development of real-time simulations.

Working in conjunction with other software suites through a powerful C++ based API and a growing library of plugins, Vortex Studio fluidly enhances the overall mechatronic design process.


Interested in using Vortex Studio?

Professional services are available to support you at any stage:

  • Creation of 3D models
  • Creation of mechanical simulations
  • Simulation model optimization
  • Development of training simulators
  • Contact us to explore additional services

Interested in equipment operating training?

Interested in equipment operating training?