Real-Time Military Ground Vehicle Simulation

Discover Vortex Studio

Vortex Studio is a unified simulation and visualisation platform that allows you to create true-to-life simulations of land and sea equipment and environments. Its unique graphical user interface makes it easy to both learn and use, limiting risk and accelerating content production.

Whether you want to create engaging virtual training simulators for tactical vehicle or heavy equipment operators, or test the performance of your next mechatronic product through a virtual prototype, Vortex Studio provides the tools you need to realise your vision.

A better way to
create interactive simulations

Stop spending time trying to adapt technologies that were not designed for realistic interactive simulation. From mechanical modeling and scene construction, to validation, optimization and deployment to synchronized multi-channel visuals, Vortex Studio provides you with a fully-integrated creation and distribution workflow, allowing you to focus on your mission.

1 Physics-based
dynamics engine

Vortex Studio’s acclaimed dynamics engine delivers true-to-life virtual equipment performance and expands your simulation capabilities

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2 Immersive

Render simulations in rich visuals, and increase user immersion with integrated 3D audio and motion cueing system support.

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3 Professional

With built-in tools to create, optimize and distribute simulation applications, Vortex Studio’s applications accelerate your projects.

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4 Flexible
development kit

Protect your technology investment and easily integrate Vortex Studio in your simulation toolchain with an extensive SDK.

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A solution that meets your needs

Training simulation providers

Vortex Studio is the solution of choice for simulation integrators in the defense and heavy equipment markets, powering over 1,000 simulators across the world.

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Off-highway equipment manufacturers

With a validated dynamics engine, Vortex Studio helps mechatronic engineering teams build virtual prototypes, perform in-the-loop testing, & collect operator feedback earlier in the design process.

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Researchers and engineers

Vortex Studio is used by engineering consultants, labs and university institutes to design and test tomorrow’s robotic and mechatronic innovations on land, sea and in space.

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Why choose Vortex Studio?

Focus on <br>your mission icon

Focus on
your mission

Vortex Studio covers the entire simulation process, eliminating the need to maintain disparate technology integrations and letting you focus on your core specialities.

Rely on <br>validated simulation icon

Rely on
validated simulation

Built over 20 years of academic research, Vortex Studio’s mechanical dynamics engine delivers interactive engineering-grade simulation of vehicles, deformable soil, lifting equipment and maritime environments.

Extend to meet <br>your needs icon

Extend to meet
your needs

Thanks to its modular architecture, Vortex Studio can easily be extended with any software and hardware solutions to meet your project’s unique needs.

Expand your simulation capabilities