Immersive simulation solutions for off-highway equipment manufacturers

CM Labs provides real-time simulation solutions that help you test new engineering ideas and concept, and provide a complete user experience anywhere, at any time.

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Immersive virtual prototyping software

Vortex Studio is a unified real-time simulation and visualisation platform. It lets you transform 3D CAD models into interactive in-the-loop virtual prototypes. Vortex Studio supports engineering creativity and reduces time-to-market.

Human-in-the-loop testing

Gather user feedback and evaluate design ideas earlier in the development process by testing users performance in a virtual worksite.

Operational testing

Measure your equipment’s ability to complete objectives in challenging environmental conditions and hard-to-replicate scenarios.

Mobility study

Test equipment performance accross a wide range of off-highway terrain types without leaving you lab.

System performance audit

Integrate engine, hydraulic and control systems into 3D models. and get a complete view of machine behaviour.

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Custom simulator development services

Empower your sales and marketing activities with a tailored CM Labs simulator. CM Labs can design a virtual replica of your entire equipment portfolio, and deliver custom virtual environments showcasing their full capabilities from anywhere.

Tailored training solutions

Expand your training offering and increase post-sales revenues with your own line of branded training simulators.

Boost tradeshow impact

Stand out from the competition and elevate your tradeshow presence by letting visitors test-drive your equipment in virtual environments.

Create an engaging client experience

Display your equipment’s unique capabilities and reduce the cost of hands-on demonstrations with portable simulators.

Enhance after-sale support

Practice support interventions, help clients validate operational capabilities in challenging environments and improve customer post-sales experience.

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