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New in 2020a


We are always updating and adding new tutorials to help you get the most from Vortex Studio.

Debugging your Simulation Remotely

The new Remote Debugger lets you debug your simulation content from a different computer

Deploying and Managing Simulator Licenses from a Single Interface

Detect simulators on the network and report the status of all licenses from the Vortex License Manager


Differentiating CGs in Color

Differentiate collision geometries in the 3D view with a new feature that randomly colorizes different parts

Unreal Engine 4 Integration Guide

Visualize and simulate Vortex Studio mechanisms, content, and earthworks in Unreal

Using USB Controls with your Simulator

Add an SDL Joystick Module and Application Joystick Extensions to use common USB controls with your simulator


Adding a Guided Machine Control HUD to Earthmoving Simulators

Set up a HUD that reproduces Guided Machine Control and GPS displays for earthmoving equipment

Vessel Simulation with MARIN XRI

Use vessels in a higher fidelity hydrodynamics simulation with MARIN XMF files.

Creating a User Interface for a Simulator

Set up a user interface that lets your users run simulation content and visualize metrics.

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Getting Started

What you need to get started with Vortex® Studio, including requirements, installation, licensing, and quick start guides.

User Guides

In-depth guides to instruct you on how to interact with Vortex Studio, by component as well as by user role.

Tutorials and Demo Scenes

Tutorials and Demo Scenes that you can start using now.


Release Notes

Release notes for current and previous Vortex releases.


Vortex Studio terms and basic concepts.

This documentation is for Vortex Studio 2020a. Documentation for legacy versions of Vortex Studio can be requested by signing into the CM Labs Support Portal.

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