Soil Materials Extension

The Soil Materials Extension lets you define which soil presets the simulation uses as the soil material in the scene. It also has settings to limit the number of soil particles during a simulation, or remove particles if they stop moving for a specified amount of time. This extension applies to Earthwork projects.

Note: Mass loss can occur if the particle limit is too low. You can only add and one Soil Materials Extension to each scene.

Configuring the Soil Material

When you insert the first Earthwork Zone in the scene, the Soil Materials extension appears under the Earthwork Systems folder by default. You can also add the extension manually.

To add Soil Materials:

  1. In your scene or mechanism, select Earthwork Systems in the Toolbox.
  2. Double-click Soil Materials to add the extension.
  3. Select the extension in the Explorer panel and configure its parameters, described below.

Configuring the soil materials can be confusing at first. It is often better to logically group the parameters and set them in the following order:

  1. Select a soil type:
  2. Specify a soil particle limit:
  3. Configure the removal (culling) of soil particles which come to rest:

The Soil Materials parameters are: