Vortex Studio Player User Guide

The Vortex® Studio Player is a simulator configuration that allows you to load assets (either the Vortex Studio Demo Scenes that you installed or another Vortex Studio scene) and simulate them.

The simulation applications runs locally on the machine with one master process and two slave processes, one slave being used as a console and the other for graphics rendering.

The master process computes the dynamics simulation and distributes the simulation data required for the slaves to graphically render the results.

The console interface allows you to load simulation assets and simulate them; it also contains more pages for different features like key frames, recording, and controls.

The interface also contains profiling, debugging, and logging panels to be used when tuning or troubleshooting simulated content.

This section describes how to do the following:

Getting Started with Vortex Studio Player

Understand how to install, start and stop the Vortex Studio Player.

Vortex Studio Player Interface

Learn how to interact with the Vortex Studio Player.