System Requirements

This section covers the system requirements of the Vortex® solution in terms of availability, performance, software and hardware pre-requisites, as well as network and bandwidth requirements.

Hardware and Software

Specification Requirement
Operating System (OS) Vortex Studio runs on the following platforms:
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (x64)
  • Linux (Ubuntu 14 LTS, CentOS 7)
Hardware Requirements Vortex Studio Create requires the following at a minimum:
  • CPU: Intel i7-4700 or equivalent – must support AVX2 instructions set
  • Memory:
    • 8 GB RAM for Vortex Studio Player
    • 16 GB RAM for Vortex Studio Editor
  • GPU: NVIDIA graphics card compatible with supported drivers (see Graphics Card Information below for more information)
The recommended hardware requirements for Vortex Studio Create are:
  • CPU: Intel i7-4700 or better
  • Memory:
    • 16 GB RAM for Vortex Studio Player
    • 32 GB for Vortex Studio Editor
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (or better) with supported driver
The recommended hardware requirements for Vortex Studio Activate are:
  • CPU: Intel i7-7700 (or better)
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM for Vortex Studio Player
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (or better) with supported driver
Compiler Vortex Studio supports the following C++ compiler:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (VC14) and above
Support for Microsoft Visual Studio Version 2010 (VC10) has been deprecated.
Python version Python version 2.7.13 is supported. The corresponding Anaconda distribution allows for an easy integration of Vortex on various platforms.
To use the system interpreter instead of the embedded Vortex one, python27.dll must be removed from the Vortex binaries. Only scripts run in release mode will be able to link with the Anaconda distribution.

Graphics Card Information

Vortex Studio has been extensively tested with NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards.

All other graphics cards listed in the release notes of the 417.22 driver should work with Vortex Studio but some performance or rending degradation might occur. These include:

On computers that have multiple graphics cards (e.g., laptops with integrated Intel card and dedicated NVIDIA graphics card), the default configuration of these systems is to auto-select the card to run the application, which might prevent Vortex Studio from running (or might show a blank viewport). Using the NVIDIA Control Panel, select Manage 3D Settings and change the Preferred graphics processor to High-performance NVIDIA processor.

Supported VR Hardware

Vortex Studio supports the following VR hardware via the OpenVR protocol:


Simulink/MATLAB 2015 and above, with real-time UDP protocol, are supported.