Configuring the Vehicle's Dynamics

This procedure describes how to connect the power-train to the chassis, which is a crucial step in setting up your vehicle properly.

  1. Open the mechanism where you have defined the vehicle and added a vehicle preset for it if it is not already open.

    If you have not already added a vehicle preset, follow the instructions under Creating a Vehicle from a Vehicle Preset.
  2. From the Explorer panel, expand the vehicle preset icon under the Vehicles folder and click on the Vehicle Preset extension.

    The Properties panel now displays the dynamics properties for the vehicle preset.

    The Vehicle Preset property page contains a large amount of parameters under many sections. To help manage the large of data, you can hide (collapse) the sections you are not using. For example, these procedures only affect the parameters under the Parameters section.

  3. Under the Parameters > Chassis section, click the Browse button in the Part reference box.

    The Select Part dialog box appears, as well as the Odometer Starting Value field, where you can specify the starting odometer distance in kilometers.

  4. From the Explorer Panel, click the chassis part.

    The chassis part's name now appears in the Select Part dialog box.

  5. Click the Confirm button on the Select Part dialog box. The chassis part's name now appears in the parameter box.

  6. After connecting the power-train to the chassis, you can configure any of the features covered in this section.


The following topics are covered in this section: