Creating a Vehicle from a Vehicle Preset

This procedure explains how to add a powertrain preset to an existing vehicle mechanism.

  1. Open the mechanism where you have defined the vehicle.

    If you do not have a mechanism file containing the vehicle parts, you can follow the instructions in Building Assemblies from a 3D Model and Building Parts from a 3D Model to import the 3D model that represents your vehicle and create parts for its chassis.
  2. Select Vehicle Systems in the Toolbox. Double-click the desired vehicle preset.

    A new Vehicles folder appears in the Explorer panel with the preset you chose underneath it. Under the vehicle preset icon a number of new properties appear, which provide access to the parameters you need to customize your new vehicle.

  3. Depending on the type of vehicle you are building, follow the instructions for one of these topics:

  4. To customize the engine, brakes, steering, etc., see Configuring the Vehicle's Dynamics.


The following topics are covered in this section: