Changing the Geometry Type (Collision, Buoyancy, Drag, Lift)

When you click on the Part icon in the Explorer, the Properties panel displays a table of geometries defined on the part, with check boxes indicating whether they are Collision, Buoyancy, Drag, or Lift geometries or a combination of geometries.

This functionality is only available in the Part Editor.

You can use this table to redefine the collision type of a geometry. The table also provides quick links to the shape properties.

  1. If you don't already have a part with geometry, follow the procedure in Building Assemblies from a 3D Model or Creating Parts and Geometries Manually.

  2. Select the part you want to edit in the Explorer panel.

    The Geometries section displays the name and type of all geometries in the Properties panel.

  3. Click the orange arrow to the left of the geometry to open the specific properties for that shape (see Editing the Geometry Shape of a Part).

  4. To use a different geometry, select the check box you want and de-select the one you don't want.

    If you switch geometry types, new type-specific properties will appear on the geometry shape's property list. For example, if you change the geometry type on a Cylinder from Collision to Buoyancy, Drag, or Lift, click on its arrow to display the Cylinder's Properties panel Fluid Interaction section.