Assigning a Material to a Collision Geometry

You can assign a specific material to each collision geometry defined on a part.

For example, in order to achieve the correct collision response when a wheel collides with a terrain, you could assign the Wheel material the wheel's collision geometry and assign Mud, Ice, or Ground to the terrain's geometry.

To assign a specific material to a collision geometry, follow this procedure:

  1. Open the .vxpart file that contains the collision geometry you want to modify.

  2. From the Explorer, select the geometry you want to modify.

    Its properties appear in the Property panel on the right side of your workspace.

  3. Locate the Material text box at the bottom of the list of properties.

  4. Carefully type the name of the Material you want to assign to this geometry.

    Materials are case-sensitive, so it is very important that you type the name of the material exactly as it appears in the Materials Table.
    At runtime, if Vortex® cannot find the material matching the name you typed, then it will use the default material instead.
  5. You can now validate the materials in your scene, mechanism, or assembly.