Graphics Gallery

The Graphics Gallery is a document type intended for:

A Graphics Gallery document saves imported 3D models from a variety of software and file formats and converts those models to a file that is independent from the source software, using a .vxgraphicgallery file extension. The advantage of having the graphics models in their own Graphics Gallery files is that they can be manipulated in Vortex Studio Editor independent of the mechanisms or scenes in which they are inserted. See the Model Simplification Tools topic for more information on how to work with these models.

Via the Graphics Gallery, you have access to the model's graphics nodes, graphics geometries, graphics materials and textures, allowing you to simplify the model by:

Importing Models to Build a Graphics Gallery

In order to start building your graphical asset, you must import 3D models into a Graphics Gallery. The following 3D model file types are supported:

  • *.cive
  • *.dae
  • *.fbx
  • *.flt
  • *.ive
  • *.obj
  • *.osg
  • *.osg2
  • *.osga
  • *.osgb
  • *.osgs
  • *.osgt
  • *.osgx
  • *.shp

See Importing Models from 3ds Max for additional information.

To import a 3D model:

  1. If you have not already done so, create a new Graphics Gallery file (*.vxgraphicgallery).
  2. Select Graphics in the Toolbox.
  3. Double-click 3D Models....
  4. In the resulting dialog panel, browse to the required model and select it.
  5. Click Ok.
When importing a 3D model directly into a mechanism, Vortex Studio Editor automatically creates a Graphics Gallery document for that model which is saved when the mechanism is saved.

When any 3D model is first imported into the Graphics Gallery, its content is processed and a series of objects is generated from the source model. The following content is displayed in the Explorer:

When you import a subsequent 3D model to an existing Graphics Gallery, the new model's objects are added in the following way:

You can also add a new graphics material or texture directly to the Graphics Gallery. In the case of a texture, the Add Texture window appears, prompting you to select an image file.

Importing 3D CAD Models

If you have the CAD Importer license installed, you can additionally import the following 3D CAD file types:

File ExtensionTessellated modelsBREP models
*.stp, *.step
*.sldasm, *.sldprt
*.wrl, *.vrml
*.catpart, *.catproduct, *.cgr

= Supported

= This concept is not supported by this format

= Not supported

The previous file extensions require the CAD Importer add-on, which needs additional licenses on top of your Vortex Studio edition. For more information on acquiring these licenses, please contact your CM Labs sales representative.

Importing a CAD Model into a Graphics Gallery:

  1. If you have not already done so, create a new Graphics Gallery file (*.vxgraphicgallery).
  2. In the Graphics Galley, double-click 3D Models... in the Toolbox.
  3. In the resulting dialog box, browse to the CAD file you would like to import, then click Ok.
  4. A CAD File Import Options dialog box will appear. Set the following parameters:
  5. Click OK.


The following features are available to validate models:


There are a number of visibility tools available to help focus on specific regions of 3D models, especially when dealing with complex CAD models: